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Advanced Boeing 737-C40 X2.9
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Advanced Boeing 737-C40 X2.9

Manufactured by Ariane Design

The Boeing 737-C40 X2.9 Version rolls out, presented in a unique, Time-Limited Offer Package, containing an amazing array of Technical Upgrade Packs (TECH APP retro fits) INCLUDED in this release:


* VSD Technical Upgrade Pack (NEW Terrain Displays)
* EGPWS Technical Upgrade Pack (NEW Terrain Displays)
* EEC Technical Upgrade Pack (NEW Advanced Engine Management)
* FMC/FMS Technical Upgrade Pack (VNAV Path Descent & further Logic).
* CFM567BS Technical Upgrade Sound Pack (Advanced Version Sounds)
* SYNCHRESIS? Technical Upgrade Sound Pack (Advanced Flight Deck Sounds)

*** All packs above will be included as part of a new limited, Special Edition Offer and then withdrawn any time.

Also included in this LIMITED BASE PACK

Boeing 737-C40A Experimental
Boeing 737-C40A BCA Scheme
C-40A 165829 United States - US Navy (USN) VR58 City of Jacksonville
C-40A 165830 United States - US Navy (USN) VR59 Spirit of New York City

(Note: For the complete Squadrons see the SQUADRON PACK)

The Boeing 737-C40 is a NEW FSX Version of this very unique, military variant. It represents a comprehensive, state-of-the-art package from its VSD (vertical Situation Display), integrated, EGPWS Terrain Displays and advanced, VNAV Path Descent Logic among many other FMS and FMC enhancements to YF111 standards. For pilots seeking to more than meet their growing simulation requirements and to advance their skills in C40 familiarisation this package allows both practice and complete mission-intensive and challenging, evaluation-led solutions in flight and also includes the ability to fully mange and fly cargo palettes in different configurations and weights.

The 11-foot-wide by 7-foot-high door is the most prominent modification to the newest member of the Next-Generation 737 family. The U.S. Navy is the kick-off customer for the program, purchasing the aircraft to replace its fleet of C-9 air lifters. The Navy version is certified to operate in "combi" configuration with up to three cargo pallets and 70 passengers. The Navy's C-40 fleet will take full advantage of the 737-700 Convertible aircraft's commercial introduction.

And the Boeing 737-C40 is the only package of its kind to fly in FSX in the world!


* Boeing 737-C40 X2.9 Aircraft in Green Zinc (awaiting customer) Delivery Scheme.
and also included are EVERY SINGLE military customer that flies the Boeing 737-C40.
* Boeing-737-C40A/5829/5830/5831/5832/5833/5834/5835/5836 - includes 9 variants with accompanying decals and designs such as: Lone Star Express, Sundowners and Conquistadors versions!
* Boeing 737-C40 Flight Deck (including MIL Spec. IFF and AED Panels) Sound featuring over 1200 different sounds and fx.
* Boeing 737-C40 Door and Cargo Management. OPERATES DIRECT from the galley section. Operate the door in-situ.
Decide on empty, 1, 2 or 3 palette loads with decisions on weight and positions.
* Advanced Version X2.9 (greater content and greater systems).
* Advanced FMC with advanced FMS Logic.
* OPS Systems Pack. (OPS Phase 1 Preview Version Systems Included)
* HUD Head-Up Display and Logic.
* RAMP Ground Pack - comes complete with SQUADRON engine covers, wheel chocks and gear pins (and a range of further effects such as a WindFORCE Fx Engine that activates static engine blades, windmilling them in high winds, (depending on wind strength and direction)!
* VSD Terrain Display TechAPP - Full Command VSD with optional FMC WP Data and more.
* EGPWS Terrain Display TechAPP - Full Command EGPWS Visual and Sound Pack.
* Sound Upgrade - Advanced and uprated sound effects and sounds.
* Print Enabled Manuals - Installation, Flight Training Guide with Flight Reference Sections and charts and data with everything required to familiarise pilots with the complex flight characteristics of the Boeing C40.
* PDF Manuals. Installation, Flight Reference Guide. Flight Training Guide (full colour), VNAV and MIL Spec Sections to explain the new features to take pilots from ramp starts to complete flight routing (The PDF option provides pilots with the ability to use of manuals on second monitors but have been designed especially for use on small displays such as the Apple iPad).

(Limited offers packages are included in this introduction SE pack to offer an introduction to the long-awaited OPS Project and also to give customers an opportunity to purchase the entire range of TECH APP products as one package).


Software Version X2.9. Scale: 1:1 Comprehensive, Scale-Accurate Aircraft with over 370 enhanced animations & effects and points with fast, frame-rate performance in FSX (sample rate: 12 (low) 34 (mid) 76 (high) fps average (dual and quad-core models). Source: PQ4 Systems). Leading Software Aircraft Design with shape approved by and to Boeing specifications and plans with carefully optimised, poly point management that guarantees better frame rates and with a systems-based, logic engine for ultra-fast calculations and X frame rate [XFPS] performance. With added IFF and other sophisticated antennae.

Software Version X2.9 Advanced Logic. The 3d-modeled, Scale-Accurate familiarisation-level & procedural-level Virtual & Interactive Flight Deck now features over 1200 working events and calls on its logic engines with working controls systems linked to logical cross referencing, system modules as per its real Boeing 737 - C40 counterpart. All of the systems on the flight deck have been cross referenced with Boeing 737 pilots, tested and re-tested for accuracy. New functions such as the advanced terrain-reading engine provide exceptional, detailed, radar readings of all terrain resulting in maximum systems capability in low-viz conditions.
Coupled with its VSD and advanced HUD and low-viz logic, the new C40 represents the most advanced 737 ever developed.

VSD (Vertical Situation Display)
The VSD offers a representation on the MAP Display as a profile view of the airplane and its environment along the current track. Information is shown within the cyan dashed lines (en-route corridor) on the ND is shown in profile on the VSD. The Altitude Reference Scale displays altitude in reference to the vertical position of the airplane symbol, terrain, and other objects in the VSD background display whiles the Airplane Symbol Indicates current airplane altitude and lateral position relative to terrain.
The Horizontal Reference Scale displays range in nautical miles and actual range shown on VSD is one half the range selected on the EFIS control panel. VSD provides flight crews with an intuitive presentation of the vertical situation relative to the surrounding terrain and the final approach descent path. In addition to terrain alerting, the TAWS provides a lateral or top-down view of the terrain and signals the 'danger areas' that are above the airplanes current altitude in red thereby clearly showing where the aircraft is located during for instance, an approach through a mountain range. The VSD depicts a profile or side view, of terrain and flight path data.

Other VSD areas are:

* MCP Selected Altitude Readout
* Selected Altitude Bug
* BARO Minimums Pointer
* Waypoint ID and Anchor Line
* Altitude Constraint Symbol
* FMC Approach Glidepath Angle Line
* MCP Selected Vertical Speed (V/S)
* Vertical Flight Path Vector
* Range to Target Speed Dot (RTSD)
* 3-Degree Reference Line
* Decision Gates
* Runway Imaging
* Terrain Profiling
* Vertical Support Terrain Vectoring

EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)
Fully-working, radar with forward sweeping PERR Logic provides a working, EGPWS System with variable range, PLN, APP and MAP modes, audio warnings " TERRAIN TERRAIN! PULL UP! " etc. and with CENTER or MAP options. EGPWS is integrated with TCAS and can be used in conjunction with HUD. EGPWS comes with active APT, WPR, WPT and other data integrated on-display. Activation on-the-fly with user controlled, on-deck options fro Captain and First Officer at the same time or as separate options with MAP on one and CTR or optional BOTH or switched.

FMC (YF111 Standard)
The advanced Smith U10.8-based unit now features over 47 pages of comprehensive data with the ability for selectable editing and direct-edit modes with new VNAV Path Descent Logic that actively calculates descent rate data for accurate climb down and approach.

Advanced Logical Control of the entire flight deck environment features high-rate, Boeing engineered, technical instrumentation and systems integration.

Designed and Built to Boeing Computer Based Training Manuals and CBT Modules and Boeing Specifications and at real-time working levels.

Fully-working IRS System with 'manual set' ability and also with ability to cross referencing within the FMCS environment. There is also a 'drift' feature which enables the IRS to drift off location and which must be corrected by the pilot.

PFD/ND Adjustable Displays
Featuring end user management and user-adjust logic control to select variables of display including integration of the EGPWS and VSD modes on the fly.

Option to add EFIS to the flight deck and change on-the-fly is available as Tech APP.

Advanced switch control allows change of MCP and Standby instruments on-the-fly.

LBS to KGS Conversion
A new menu function allows user-control to adjust fuel display to KGS and with the built-in METERS control on the EFIS panel, flights can be flown and calculated in KGS of fuel. (The option to fully convert aircraft to KGS use is being developed as a retro-fit APP.

Switch over to Collins/Sperry or Rockwell MCP and Standby configurations while flying. Drop down menu combinations give control of type over to the pilot.

The new sound engine brings over 1200 multiple and working, sound-equipped, 3d-modeled VC systems and layouts, switches, events, knobs buttons and push systems and flip covers and allows for an even greater depth of functionality. Every switch has its own UNIQUE sound as it was recorded in the real flight deck on the day.

Aircraft FDx: 3 part, FDx Flight Model Technology created and developed from approved statistical and tabular Boeing Data and designed to emulate the accurate Boeing 737 handling envelope. (The World-Famous Ariane Aircraft FDx Flight Model Technology has consistently ensured the optimum flight envelope of flight within required Boeing performance minima and as endorsed by all of the leading real world, Boeing 737 Training Pilots (as well as Boeing 737 Simulation Development Engineers around the world).

CFM567b Sound recorded both on board, in the flight deck area, galley and outside around the exterior of the Boeing 737 aircraft from different, nexul spatial points from engine front end in blast-safe areas. Sound is produced across the CMI CFM spatial engine variant range using sophisticated, advanced recording equipment and then mixed and edited at high-level, professional, 44hz min. spec. mixed output compressed for smaller footprint and to optimise the best use of the FSX sound engine. The sound was then played in the environments of the real aircraft to check for transparency and realism. (The engine sounds on this model produce an exceptionally realistic and high quality, stereo-processed, full sound - the quality sound of choice for cockpit builders worldwide)!

The FSX Boeing 737-C40 represents software developed to a very high standard indeed and has over 1200 logical events and systems than its previous FSX2 cousin. (All our aircraft uniquely achieve the most accurate, 1:1 authentic-scale of a Boeing 737 3d model in the world; but the new Boeing 737-C40 'X2' stands out from its predecessors. Besides sharing the same instrumentation in line with Boeing's requisite 'commonality' policy the C40 is world's apart from the rest of the range.

Developing a further and more advanced unique logic set developed to stand alone from the main exe of the flight simulator program and not to have to rely on the presence of a command program [FSUIPC] which, although FSUIPC is a great program, developing independently has made the Ariane Boeing 737-C40 package a more flexible and powerful solution that has once again, raised the bar in simulated flight. With its extended range, fuel and performance management, OPS expandable options, advanced FMCS and features such as EGPWS, HUD, factory-fit EFIS and a complete-coded MCP Logic twinned with the FMCS Function and Operation. It is a powerfully aggressive and more responsive, more adaptable and even more reliable and robust package with an even more accurate envelope than any in its class before it (or yet ahead of it). The Ariane flight FDx (not fde) is one of the most talked-about and revered FD logical configuration set in the simulated world, as used by many cockpit builders around the globe. And to add to its sophisticated and advanced suite of abilities; it comes in two configuration packages. Advanced and OPS.

With the added advantage for either desktop or more world-friendly, smaller CO2 footprint, laptop PC use the Boeing 737-C40 package also provides everything required for full-flight routing and mission-critical exercises from great circle routing to planning exercises.

Built into the Boeing 737-C40 package are a number of options available for later purchase (available in this one pack as a limited offer - so hurry before they are withdrawn)

The C-40A Clipper provides critical logistics support to the United States Navy. Its flight deck features a flight management computer system with an integrated GPS. The C-40A is compatible with future GATM/FANS operating environment (RNP-1). It is also RVSM ready. It has Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System II on board and also has an enhanced ground proximity warning system, predictive wind shear, head-up display and TACN UHF IFF systems.

The US NAvy Reserve which operates and maintains the aircraft, was the first customer for the newest member of theBoeing 737-700C Next-Generation family. The Clipper was ordered by the USN to replace its fleet of ageing C9B Skytrains. The C-40A is the first new logistics aircraft in 17 years to join the U.S. Navy Reserve. Currently, the Navy Reserve provides 100 percent of the Navy's worldwide in-theatre medium and heavy airlift.

Boeing 737-C40 Aircraft Version X Complete Specifications
Fully logical and integrated code with fast FPS, hi-compression sound and texture sets and advanced modeling techniques developed solely for FSX. Includes: Bumps. Specs. Shinar. Working, scaled and Boeing-accurate wing movement logic dep. on ground roll movement and weather turbulence divided into sections for optimum movement and effect in FSX. Decal window details show window positions and different window detailing along with bumping and specular light reflections along surface as sun is captured on surfaces. Long Range ER Aircraft, three part FDx with ER capability. High Density of detailed areas on exterior of the aircraft such as ports, doors or antennae; warning labels (so detailed they can be read). Enables crew orientation outside the aircraft making exterior inspections and walk rounds possible. Accurately-scaled static height from ground measured against the Microsoft 1-1 scaling scenery area. Advanced nose section design. Modeled cockpit window frames with opening window viewable from outside of model during walk-round and openable from flight deck. Detailed cockpit interior and Captain and First Officer. Animated gear, doors and bay area. Exit doors operable via menu system. 2 cargo doors and bays operable from menu with Active Loading where OVERLOAD will show if over-loaded on cargo amounts. Animated RAM doors and rear APU port. APU intake vortex generator. Emergency exterior lights. Wheel well lights. Animated ground power connection bay. Animated main outflow valve. Air-stair bay with animated door. Animated windshield wipers. Aircraft configuration meets FSX default payload manager specifications. Textured red beacons and tail strobe devices. Exit doors and interior animations. Glass transparency and glass textures. Dynamic SPec shine with bump mapping showing all raised lines and features on fuselage, vertical stab and engines. etc. Nav. lights with illuminating reflections during night and dusk/dawn transition modes with beams from the nav lights in fog and low light etc. Multiple flight deck lighting with dusk/dawn trans effects.Accurately shaped wing-root section. Animated wing contrails with weather dependent definition and rain spray with reverse thrust effect on spray back. Animated under-wing landing lights. Photorealistic 32 bit texturing illustrated from plans & photographs supplied by Boeing and featuring over 433 layers. Velocity wheels with steering-compressing nose wheel and roll-sensitive main gear that adjusts height to load and is CoG sensitive to angle of load and effect. Animated thrust reversers mechanisms with Newton Logic; thrust to-power ratio delay timing. Hi-DEF?, detailed fuselages and enhanced windows. Highly-detailed gear and actuators. Intricately detailed flap pinions and hinges. Modeled lightning and static wick pylons and aerials. Accurately modeled and positioned, UHF, VHF and HF aerials and antennae. Glass-effect windows reflect ambient light built into graphics support. Front cockpit areas light up with glow of instruments. Lights reflect on faces of Captain and FO at night/dusk/dawn. Editable lighting levels in forward cabin/cockpit. FAST frame rates (uncompressed). Real-time animation brake and roll spoilers. Detailed flap, hinges, pins and screws. HTML electronic check lists and refs. Underwing detail/access ports and inlets. Exit Lights, Logo Lights. Gear-bay Lighting. Twin Landing, Underwing Lights. Taxi Turnoff Lights, Nav, Strobe and Pos Lights. Opening Passenger AFT Door. over-wing & PAX reflecting light fx. Accurately-scaled, multi-stage flap extension and retraction timings.

Boeing 737-C40 Complete Flight Deck Specifications
Flight Deck Version X. All common switches clickable and animated and all levers animated (ADvanced/OPS Version features a sound for EVERY clickable switch, button, knob, flip cover, lever, wheel etc. Over 1200 events in the flight deck alone with an advanced logical set for forthcoming use in home cockpits.Special control gauging to enabledisable display range and to adjust FPS in non and used displays. ER Range equipped Flight Deck. NEW C40 X flight Deck design and layout with HUD. PRI. IMC. VMC modes with RWY and lateral guidance cues. Non-eyebrow window version upper layout. ER Fuel Management Systems. Advanced, Upper Overhead Electronics Panel Area. LOng Range Logic with updated FMC and INI arrangements. Animated FWD EXIT galley and animated MAIN FWD EXIT doors control panel.Animated windshield wipers with Rain glass wipe effect that shows ?rain removed? on each sweep of wipers when on. 3D magnetic compass, non-gauge modelled completely in 3D. compass light switch under base of compass. Display Control System. Master caution System. Standby instrument knobs modelled in 3D. High Resolution, High Frames Per Second (FPS). Textured main panels with shadows. Active and working Fire Shutdown System with modeled 3d working fire handle. SAVE Seat allows for removal or click-on position of seat for jump seat viewing. Control column can also be removed from position with one-click removal and replace. Position Logic.Sliding deck windows and modeled window runners, seals & serial labels on side windows with accurate, knot limit (84 knots) for window lock. Map clip-chart. Click zones EFIS PFD/ND Systems. Clock modelled in 3D, with click zones. Moveable nose steering tiller modelled and controllable in 3D. Packs switches clickable and animated. Night bitmaps with multiple levels of enhanced lighting. New autopilot logics and VC gauging linked to common logic of FDx configuration files. Tooltips activated for every system for fast recognition and prompting. MCP/FMS/IRS Version X. MCP panel and FMC background lighting ambience. Background light for MCP and FMC. Separate lighting for flight deck main panels areas and MPC and EFIS. Adjustable displays for sunlight reflection - DIM - BRIGHT. Editable background for CDUs from black to blue with brightness control on main panel above footrest plate. ND & PFD inoperative pre-IRS coordinates entered into FMC System. FMC VNAV profiles. SIDSTAR support. Supplemented HOLD. PROGRESS Logic. Waypoint ALT and SPD restrictions. Smooth curved flight path on vector display pop up ND or EFIS optional displays. MCP and EFIS control panels with high performance. Researched design of EFIS control allows even easier click zones. Increased speed/VNAV holding stability. N1 calculation for TOGA and CLB as per Boeing performance tables. Takeoff N1 table for TOGA added to ini. Actual N1 calculation based on OAT/FMC TAKE OFF page. Climb N1 table added; calculation based on current altitude and CRUISE FL OAT. Take off speeds calculation based on TOW and FLAP POS. and Boeing Advanced CBT.

For a complete specification of the flight deck, aircraft and engine systems please refer to our download section or to view more pictures please see the NEWS or the GALLERY pages.

Package Variants - Description & Contents

Download Version. Advanced/OPS.
Boeing 737-C40 X2.9 Aircraft, FLight Deck and Sound in Green Zinc (awaiting customer) Delivery Scheme and Boeing BCA Livery Roll Out Scheme. Roll out livery with display options as described on product page.

PRINT ENABLED Documentation in download version in PDF format. Full documentation for setting up and general training supplied with Boeing 737 - 700 ER Flight Reference Manual and Boeing 737 -

Advanced Version
Advanced FMC and logic.
Advanced /OPS package aircraft. (OPS Phase 1)
HUD Head-Up Display and Logic.
RAMP Ground Pack comes complete with engine covers, wheel chocks and gear pins with WindFORCE Fx that activates static engine blades, windmilling them, depending on wind strength and direction!
(Additionally, a time-limited offer of the EGPWS Terrain Radar option and the Technical Upgrade and Sound Upgrade are included in this pack to offer an introduction to the long-awaited OPS Project).

The Box Version of the above is as specified on the BOX VERSION PAGE but also contains additional airlines unique to the Boeing 737-C40 launch customer, order customers and carriers. The Boxed Version also contains printed items as follows:

CD with complete documentation. Landing Data Cards. Checklists. QRH-type Lists. Limited Edition, Digital Print designed and illustrated by an award-winning, industry and aviation artist. Note: Aircraft Airlines can be purchased for all Boeing 737 packages from 'Boeing 737-Tech'. Choose the aircraft that you fly and either choose a region package or a specific airline as more airlines are released.

Minimum Specifications: Requires Flight Simulator FSX running (required) SP2 installed. (Acceleration Pack recommended). Requires vcredist_86 library to be installed. Intel Pentium 4 - 3.4GHz 4GB RAM (2 CPU recommended) CD ROM Drive ATA100, 500 GB Hard Drive, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard. Minimum Graphics Card (GPU) Nvidea Recommended. Up to 170Mb-240Mb (airlines) HDD Space Required (depending on the number of expansions and upgrades fitted).

Recommended Specifications: Quad Core Min Spec: 4.0 with 16gb Ram and 4gb GPU. Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista Pro 64 Bit Systems Fully Supported as well as 32 Bit Systems Supported.

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