AeroFiles Cuatro Bundle Pack FSX € 40.95 € 32.76
AeroFiles Cuatro Bundle Pack FSX
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AeroFiles Cuatro Bundle Pack FSX

Manufactured by AeroFiles

Cuatro Bundle Pack for FSX features 4 of the best selling Aero Files texture products.
Names such as Sky Environment Ultra,
Airport Ground Details, Texture Booster Pro and Texture Booster Pack FSX. The very best
textures from each of the 4 products have been chosen.

All these products combined together gives you new sky, airport ground,
tree textures and new sun effects among a few others.

The total price for each of these products sold outside of this cuatro
bundle pack, is EUR 68.80, but is yours for only EUR 40.95, which is EUR 27 saved for other use.

If you want to have all these 4 products, then there is no better way to
get them than to buy this bundle pack.

Product Features:

Sky Textures: >
New Sky Textures
3 Sets To Choose From
2 Cloud Sets
New Sun Texture
Airport Textures & Light Effects:

New Taxiways
New Runways
New Runway lighting
New Aprons
New Taxiway-markings
New Runway snow effects
New Runway & Taxiway Wet look
New Runway lights
New Water bump map on all worldwide oceans, rivers & lakes.
New Sun Effects
Quality Sharpened Textures
New Light Bloom Effects
New Spotlight Effects
Photoreal Concrete Taxiways
Photoreal Concrete Parking Gates
Photoreal Asphalt Taxiways
Photoreal Asphalt Parking Gates
Photoreal Tarmac Taxiways
Photoreal Tarmac Parking Gates
Photoreal Taxiway Markings
Higher Details For Default Runways
Real Light Bloom Effects
Real Spot Light Effects
Works With FSX Acceleration
Works With FSX Deluxe and Standard

Cloud Sets:

New Cirrus Cloud Set
New Cumulus Cloud Set


New Ocean Height

Sky Sets:

Sky Afternoon
Sky Dawn
Sky Midnight
Sky Morning
Sky Noon
Sky Postdawn
Sky Presunset
Sky Sunset
Make sure you order this product today, to give FSX the change of a life time.

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