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AeroFiles FS Vegetation
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AeroFiles FS Vegetation

Manufactured by AeroFiles

FS Vegetation FS2004 is all about different types of trees.

This product comes with 4 Packs of textures to make sure there is one, or more for your liking. There is also a backup version available, should you want to go back to the default textures.

FS Vegetation FS2004 modifies the look of the FS 2004 default trees giving them a more true life like colour, and not to gray, coloured. The detail is sharpnes has also been lifted, to give you the best possible look for your FS 2004 trees. If you like more green trees, or less green trees, there is one pack which will full-fill your needs.

FS Vegetation FS2004 only works with FS2004

Product Features:

Trees, all seasons
4 Versions
Default Textures
Looks Great On High & Low Altitudes.

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