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AeroFiles Texture Booster Pack FS9
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AeroFiles Texture Booster Pack FS9

Manufactured by AeroFiles

Aero Files Texture Booster Pack FS9 is a high quality texture enhancement for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (only) which will improve your Flight-Sim experience.

Since the release of Texture Booster Pack FSX there was a strong demand for a FS9 version of this product. Texture Booster Pack FSX is a bestseller on one of the flight sim sites that the FSX version of this product is listed on.The FS9 version is just as breathtaking with a few changes to fit FS9.

Texture Booster Pack improves your FS9: Taxiways, Runways, Runway lighting, Aprons, Taxiway-markings, Runway snow effects, Runway & Taxiway Wet look, Runway lights & water bump map on all worldwide oceans, rivers & Lakes, even the sun has been improved greatly.

Texture Booster Pack is easy to use and has no Performance hit on your Flight Sim & will improve your enjoyment of FS9 wherever you choose to start your flight. A new version for buildings and other texture sets are on their way.

You will even be able to see cracks in the runways (where available) with much more detail than the default FS9 textures.

This texture set is simply just breathtaking. As soon as you start playing you will notice more details in the textures compared to the default textures in FS9.

These textures will help on computers which have a problem with FPS as long as you meet the standards of FS9.

Product Features:

New Taxiways
New Runways
New Runway lighting
New Aprons
New Taxiway-markings
New Runway snow effects
New Runway & Taxiway Wet look
New Runway lights
New Water bump map on all worldwide oceans, rivers & Lakes
New Sun Effects
Quality Sharpened Textures

System Requirements:

INSTALLATION - Setup & follow instructions
Hard Drive Space: 29 MB
Video Card: 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
DirectX 9.0 or later
Processor: 1.500 MHz (2.000 MHz recommended)
Windows: 2000/XP 128 MB RAM (Vista will work to)
98/ME 64 MB RAM (1.5 GB RAM recommended)

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