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Manufactured by AFS-Design

AFS-design brings a excellent rendition of the famous supersonic helicopter AIRWOLF from the same 80 years cult series AIRWOLF, and 2 models of possible opponents ( Concept Aircrafts ) of AIRWOLF, out for the Flight Simulator FSX and FS2004.

The original series AIRWOLF is an American television series that ran from 1984 to 1987. It was about the sophisticated spy high-tech military helicopter, code named AIRWOLF, and took their team, which various missions. It was a lot of espionage and the theme of the Cold War. The series was produced by Donald P. Bellisario. There were 79 episodes, each with 45 minutes in length, in 4 Stafeln. In the first three seasons Jan-Michael Vincent played as Stringfellow Hawke for the pilot of AIRWOLF, Ernest Borgnine as Mr. Dominic Santini, owner of Santini Air Services and Systems Officer of the AIRWOLF, Alex Cord as Michael Coldsmith Briggs III ( CIA Code Name: Archangel ) CIA agent and in the second and third season, Jean Bruce Scott as Caitlin O'Shannessy, co-pilot of AIRWOLF with. The last season was recast with new actors.

The new AFS-design Add-On contains the following models:

- AIRWOLF - The Lady
- Redwolf - A opponent for AIRWOLF
- Shark Grey - AIRWOLF Archenemy

These are equipped with a variety of models and liveries:

- Commander
- System officer
- Cabin deck
- Tarn paint
- Santini Air Service paint
- Repaint Texture

All models have a fully functional cockpit:

- Panel convey the nostalgia of the 80s AIRWOLF
- Various switches for engine control and function
- 6 MFDs with about 30 different functions
- 3 different AI - Traffic radar sites
- Instrument Flight Display with 2 VOR, ADF 1 and 2 show DMS
- Full GPS page, map page, departure and arrival mode page, navigations Page,
- OMI Lights, hydraulic monitoring pages, STORE & FUEL pages
- Helicopter- and jet- mode status page,
- Display system officer (seat of Mr. Santini) fully animated,
- Switch to operate in and out of the 14 different armories,
- 2D-Panel in the resolution 1280x720 px / 3D-Panel with high-resolution 1024x1024 px textures

Other features:

- All models are for the Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 and FSX
- Animation of the opening of 14 different armories
- Advanced Dynamic Flight:
-> 0 to 50% thrust helicopter mode (you can fly in front, side and back)
-> 50 to 100% thrust helicopter (jet mode is controlled like a jet plane)
- Simulation of 4 x 30 000 hp burly AIRWOLF Engines.
- Animation of the complex rotor mechanism with rotordisengagement
- High-resolution textures with reflective surfaces and night effects
- Detailed exterior and interior model, including window reflections
- Animated virtual cockpit of the Commander (Hawkes workplace)
- Animated Virtual Cockpit System Officers (Santini work)
- Animated virtual cockpit of the cabin model
- Cabin Model: 2 seats, a couch to sanitary purposes as well as:
- Medical equipment for emergency resuscitation measures and
- Full door animations, including leap opportunity for parachute jump
- Extensive lighting and outdoor lighting: Beacon, Strobes, Nav, Landing and Taxi Lights
- Engine animation with authentic Afterburner effects
- Detailed gears with retractable rolling wheels and animation wheel travel,
- Detailed instructions
- Is complying with the typical AIRWOLF sound
- Typical hum of the AIRWOLFinstruments
- And much more ...

Bonus scenery:

- The secret AIRWOLF landing place in the cave with the massive rock formations
- Authentic replica of the AIRWOLF base
- AIRWOLF cave in North America in the "Valley of the Gods" - Bluff, Utah - airport ID: AW01
- AIRWOLF cave in Europe near Dresden (Germany) in the Elbsandsteingebirge - airport ID: AW02


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