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Bell X-1 Second Generation FSX Package
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Bell X-1 Second Generation FSX Package

Manufactured by Xtreme Prototypes

The Xtreme Prototypes X-1 Second Generation add-on package for Microsoft® Flight Simulator X contains six variations of the four Bell X-1 Second Generation research rocket planes and one light variation of a modified B-29 "Superfortress" carrier aircraft to simulate high-altitude launch.

The Bell X-1 "Second Generation" was an advanced version of the original X-1, the first aircraft in history to have broken the sound barrier with Army Air Corps captain Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager.

The second generation of X-1s, built in the late 1940s and early 1950s, were designed to double the speed of sound and set new altitude records in excess of 90,000 feet. The new X-1s were similar to the original (orange) aircraft, with the same XLR-11 rocket engine (equipped with a turbopump), but were about five feet longer, 2500 pounds heavier and had a conventional glass canopy.

For the serious flight simulation enthusiast and X-1 fan, the Xtreme Prototypes X-1 Second Generation is a chance to relive important moments of the history of flight and experience the performance of a series of aircraft whose new rocket systems, cockpit ergonomics and flight controls were quite a challenge for the test pilots who flew them more than fifty years ago.

The Xtreme Prototypes X-1 SG addon package will allow you to fly at very high altitudes at more than twice the speed of sound in four different versions of the aircraft, simulate virtually all the procedures required during an actual research mission (including emergency procedures such as extinguishing an engine fire or jettisoning the canopy to bail out), and even test the never-built X-1C that was to be equipped with the Sperry A-12 Propilot system and a .50 caliber Browning machine gun.

Fully Functional 3D Virtual Cockpits

Each aircraft comes with a fully functional virtual cockpit which contains over 800 parts and more than 200 animated gauges, switches, levers, light indicators and flight instruments. Each virtual cockpit has been meticulously created to conform as closely as possible to the cabin of the real second generation Bell X-1.

The full 3D gauges have been carefully designed and programmed based on the original analog instruments found in the real X-1 SG during the 1950s. Virtually all gauges, switches, lights and instruments found on each panel are functional and behave like the original ones found in the real aircraft. All custom rocket aircraft systems present in the real X-1 SG are also simulated.

Three different VC configurations are available for the X-1 SG for Flight Simulator X.

The virtual cockpits allow total 3D immersion into the X-1 SG flying environment and have been created for the desktop pilot to simulate almost every step and procedure required during a typical X-1 research flight.

The VC has (fictitious) cockpit spotlights that are lit when the cockpit lighting switch is turned on (the real X-1 did not have cockpit lighting). This will allow you to fly the X-1 SG even at night.

The four Xtreme Prototypes X-1 SG virtual aircraft are equipped with a modified (fictitious) ARC-5 radio for use with civilian frequencies in Flight Simulator X. The set has two VHF communication transceivers (COM1 and COM2), an automatic direction finder (ADF) and a radio-navigation receiver (VOR) to allow for a fictitious journey around the world in your X-1 at speeds beyond Mach 2.


Contains six variations of the four Bell X-1 Second Generation research rocket planes and one light variation of a modified B-29 "Superfortress" carrier aircraft for simulating high-altitude launch:

Three variations of the Bell X-1A (USAF serial number 48-1384) - ("Bell-USAF" orange, "Bell-USAF" aluminum, and "Bell-USAF-NACA" white
One variation of the Bell X-1B (USAF serial number 48-1385 - "Bell-USAF-NACA" aluminum version)
One variation of the (never built) Bell X-1C ("USAF" aluminum version with front machine gun - serial number 48-1386)
One variation of the Bell X-1D ("Bell-USAF" aluminum rollout version - USAF serial number 48-1386)
One "light" variation of a modified Boeing B-29 "Superfortress" carrier aircraft (USAF serial number 52-1800, exterior model only, optional, visible only when the X-1 SG is airborne).


Custom X-1 flight model to simulate rocket powered high-speed and high-altitude flight in FSX:

One Reaction Motors XLR-11-RM-5, 5900-pound four-chambered liquid-fuel turbo-rocket engine
High-altitude flight above 90,000 feet
Supersonic flight up to Mach 2.5
Ground takeoff or high-altitude launch
Good maneuverability at supersonic speeds
Excellent gliding capabilities
Compatible with FSX SP2 and FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack (or FSX Gold)


The following rocket aircraft systems are simulated to conform as closely as possible to the operation of the real second generation X-1 rocket aircraft, within the present limitations and capabilities of the simulator:

XLR-11 power plant system and control
Turbine-driven propellant pump and control
Fuel system
LOX system
Hydrogen peroxide system
Nitrogen system
Electrical system (with DC-AC conversion)
Fire detection/extinguisher system
Custom rocket aircraft instruments, controls and gauges, including dome loading pressure regulators and spill valves
Emergency jettison system
Pilot's oxygen system
Droplight system (countdown and launch from a B-29 carrier aircraft on selected models)
Cabin pressurization system


Genuine FSX models, compatible with Windows Vista and DirectX® 10
Highly detailed (X-1 SG) exterior models based on archive material, with more than 500 parts and 40 animations
Light B-29 "Superfortress" carrier aircraft with animated propellers and control surfaces (see description above)
Reflective high-resolution textures with bump maps
Emissive (night) textures
Unique (historical) markings and liveries on each aircraft
Movable aerodynamic control surfaces:
X-1 all-moving tail (elevator trim)
Ailerons with trim tab
Vertical stabilizer/rudder with trim tab
Retractable ventral fin (X-1C)
Yaw-damping surfaces on wings (X-1C)
Highly detailed steerable front gear
Highly detailed main landing gear
Movable glass canopy (with jettison animation)
Cockpit details including seat, pilot and animated sticks, levers and parts
Functioning nose-mount .50 cal. machine gun (X-1C)
Antennas, pitot tube and research probes
Rear propellant jettison tubes and engine turbopump exhaust pipe
XLR-11 rocket engine combustion chambers (4)


X-1-specific animated special visual effects, some with sound, including:

Rocket engine ignition, combustion flames and shockwave effects
Rocket engine smoke and contrail effects
Igniter test effects
Propellant jettison effects (fuel, LOX and H2O2)
Engine turbopump exhaust effect
N2/LOX bleed effect
Condensation and vapor effect around the cold LOX tank when filled
VC lights
Wing vortices and vapor trails
Machine gun effect (X-1C)
B-29 contrail effect


Automatic ignition sequence (optional)
X-1 custom sound set for FSX
Camera definitions (external and internal)
Fictitious saved flights inspired from real X-1 SG test flights
X-1 SG aircraft kneeboard reference tab and check list (from within Flight Simulator)
A comprehensive 85-page user manual inspired from the original "Bell X-1A, B & D Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions", in a printable PDF format.


Flight Simulator: Microsoft® Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 2 required, FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack or FSX Gold optional)
Operating System: Windows® XP SP2 (256 MB RAM), Windows® Vista (512 MB RAM)
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Hard Drive: 15 GB (space required to install Flight Simulator)
Available Disk Space: 650 MB (space required to install the X-1 SG add-on software and documentation)
Video Card: 64 MB (128 MB or more recommended), DirectX® 9.0 or later
Other: Sound card and speakers, joystick, wheelmouse, Adobe® Reader® 8.0 or later

NOTE: Xtreme Prototypes addons are complex and require more processing power and RAM than other more conventional add-on aircraft packages. Increased performance will be noticed on more powerful systems. FSX SP2 minimum system requirements recommended.

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