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CF-105 Avro Arrow Add-on Package FSX/FS2004
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CF-105 Avro Arrow Add-on Package FSX/FS2004

Manufactured by Xtreme Prototypes

This add-on aircraft package for Microsoft® Flight Simulator contains five variations of the Avro CF-105 Arrow Mark 1, one variation of the Avro CF-105 Arrow Mark 2 and a 60-page English and French language flight manual with installation instructions and step-by-step procedures (PDF format).

The Avro Arrow remains the stuff legends are made of many years after all prototypes were ordered destroyed just before the aircraft could fulfill its intended role as a new type of high-altitude interceptor against long-range enemy bombers during the Cold War.

The Arrow was a revolutionary aircraft and certainly one of the most advanced of its time. It used computer control and "fly by wire" technology and was capable of flying over Mach 2.0.

The Xtreme Prototypes CF-105 Arrow for Flight Simulator is a chance to experience first hand the sheer performance of a series of aircraft whose advanced systems and cockpit ergonomics were quite a challenge for the test pilots who flew them fifty years ago.

Your CF-105 Arrow addon will allow you to fly at high altitudes at twice the speed of sound, simulate the procedures required during test flights or reconnaissance and interception missions, and even test the anticipated performance of the mighty Orenda PS-13 "Iroquois" engine that was being installed in the Arrow Mark 2 (RL-206) at the time the Arrow program was cancelled.

Fully Functional 3D Virtual Cockpits

Each Arrow add-on aircraft model comes with a fully functional virtual cockpit which contains over 900 parts and nearly 200 animated gauges, switches, levers, light indicators and flight instruments. Each VC has been meticulously created to conform as closely as possible to the cabin of the real CF-105 Arrow and to allow a total 3D immersion into the Avro Arrow flying environment.

The full 3D gauges have been carefully designed and modeled based on the original analog instruments found in the real Arrow during the 1950s. Virtually all devices in the cockpits are functional and behave like the original ones found in the real-world Avro Arrow.

The Xtreme Prototypes CF-105 Arrow package contains two different virtual cockpits corresponding to different time periods or aircraft configurations.

Each Arrow add-on aircraft comes with one main instrument panel and a number of secondary panels. In addition, the default FS 2D (Garmin) GPS panel is available to the desktop pilot.

The VC has cockpit spotlights and backlit instrument panels that are lit when the cockpit and/or panel lighting switches on the right side panel are turned on.

The Arrow's instrument panels are complex and in order for the desktop pilot to familiarize him/herself with the many different panels, special "tooltips" (or captions) have been integrated within virtually every device found in the cockpit. Simply move the cursor over a gauge with the mouse and its name will appear. Therefore, each panel can be used as a learning tool for understanding the different panel configurations and the complex operation of the Avro Arrow.

Another interesting feature of the VC is the possibility to render the canopy "invisible" to create the impression that the aircraft is equipped with a "bubble" glass canopy. Though not realistic in the case of a real Arrow mission, the "invisible" canopy gives more visibility to the virtual pilot (especially during landing) and allows him or her to admire the landscape.



Contains six variations of the Avro CF-105 Arrow for Flight Simulator all-weather, high-altitude jet interceptor:

Five variations of the Avro CF-105 Mk. 1 (RCAF serial numbers 25201 to 25205; RL-201 to RL-205)
One variation of the Avro CF-105 Mk. 2 (RCAF serial number 25206; RL-206)


Custom Arrow flight model to simulate supersonic flight at high altitude in FSX and FS2004:

Two Pratt & Whitney J75-P-5, 18,500-pound turbojet engines (Arrow Mark 1)
(or) Two Orenda PS-13 "Iroquois", 26,000-pound turbojet engines (Arrow Mark 2)
High-altitude flight up to 60,000 feet in FSX and FS2004
Supersonic flight up to Mach 2.3 in FSX and FS2004
Compatible with FSX Acceleration Pack
Functioning afterburners
Delta wing flight characteristics
Good maneuverability at supersonic speeds


Highly detailed models based on archive material, with more than 600 parts and 60 animations
Reflective textures
Unique markings and liveries (on each aircraft)
Movable aerodynamic control surfaces:
Vertical stabilizer/rudder
Extendable ventral speed brakes
Steerable front gear with landing and taxi lights
Main landing gear
Fully animated engine turbine and compressor disks
Animated engine exhaust nozzles (petals)
Two movable canopies
Cockpit details including pilot/navigator and animated stick, levers and parts


Engine smoke effects
Engine afterburner (flames and shockwaves) effects
Aircraft lights
Mobile landing lights (on front gear)
Steerable/mobile taxi lights (on front gear)
VC lights (main white and high-altitude red lights)
Wing vortices


Arrow custom sound sets for FSX and FS2004
14 camera definitions or views (FSX only)
Ten saved flights based on Arrow test flights (real or imaginary) and fictitious but anticipated reconnaissance and interception missions
Arrow aircraft kneeboard reference tab and check list (from within Flight Simulator)
A comprehensive 60-page user manual inspired from original Avro flight manuals, in a printable PDF format (English and French language versions are included with the software)


Flight Simulator: Microsoft® FSX (FSX SP2 recommended, Acceleration Pack optional), FS2004
Operating System: Windows® XP SP2 (256 MB RAM), Windows® Vista (512 MB RAM)
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Hard Drive: 15 GB (space required to install Flight Simulator)
Available Disk Space: 300 MB (space required to install the Arrow add-on software and documentation)
Video Card: 64 MB (128 MB or more recommended), DirectX® 9.0
Other: Sound card and speakers, joystick, wheelmouse, Adobe® Reader® 8.0 or later

NOTE: Xtreme Prototypes CF-105 Arrow addons are quite complex and require more processing power and RAM than other more conventional add-on aircraft packages. Increased performance will be noticed on more powerful systems. FSX SP2 minimum system requirements recommended.

Note to Windows® Vista with DirectX® 10 users: The DirectX® 10 Preview option box in FSX display settings must be unchecked for proper aircraft display. The current version of the software does not support certain DirectX® 10 features.

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