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Comet Jetliner FSX
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Comet Jetliner FSX

Manufactured by JustFlight

Just Flight's Comet Jetliner add-on provides an extremely accurate rendition of the DH 106 Comet 4C, the definitive Comet variant, presented here in nine liveries. The extraordinarily detailed virtual cockpit features include fully equipped pilot and co-pilot panels, an engineer's station with every conceivable control, switch and gauge modelled, and a navigator's station incorporating all the equipment needed for authentic navigation operations.
Among the other features which make this the ultimate simulation of this aircraft are highly accurate flight dynamics, full navigation and night lighting, hundreds of accurate external animations, and a detailed cabin area with stewardess in attendance - Comet Jetliner brings you the complete and authentic and accurate experience of flying British aviation's most iconic jetliner!

Features overview
• Dedicated FSX design
• Highly detailed exterior model
• High quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit (VC)
• Nine highly-detailed super-resolution liveries
• Accurate animations
• High quality sound set
• Very accurate flight model

Panel and Virtual Cockpit features
• Extraordinarily detailed virtual cockpit with an enormous amount of animated features, controls and instrumentation. Literally hundreds of animated items, a large proportion of which are functional
• Fully equipped pilot and co-pilot panels including working radar and navigation instruments
• Accurately modelled and animated centre pedestal with functioning controls including flap and airbrake levers and reverse thrust throttles
• Complex overhead panels incorporating a full set of navigation and communications radios, switches and other controls
• Fully equipped engineer's station with every conceivable control, switch and gauge for engine, electrical systems and fuel management
• Unique multiple fuel tank controls allow a wide variety of tank/engine combinations
• A fully equipped navigator's station incorporates systems and gauges, radios and tuners for authentic navigation operations

Nine highly detailed and authentic liveries in super-resolution:
• Malaysian Airlines
• EgyptAir
• Dan Air London
• Mexicana
• Saudi Royal Flight
• Aerolineas Argentinas
• RAF Transport Command
• Kuwait Airways

• Highly authentic model built over factory drawings
• Fully detailed and accurate main landing gear with correct bogie 'droop' when off-load
• Detailed front landing gear complete with anti-splash guards and running light
• Fully animated and detailed flying surfaces with static wands, fuel dump tubes and a host of minor detailing
• Additional exterior features include (switchable from cockpit) wheel chocks, engine intake muffs and pre-flight flags, GPU (Ground Power Unit) and cable
• Passenger stairs vehicle with animated stairway and lighting
• 3D stewardess in the main doorway and realistic, animated pilots in the cockpit
• Full navigation and night lighting including a functional wing-ice inspection lamp in the port pinion tank
• Accurately modelled and detailed cabin area
• Detailed animations include doors, flaps, airbrakes and even working windscreen wipers
• Fully animated control surfaces - flaps, rudder, elevators and ailerons

Special effects
Special effects include smoke trails and night lighting

Flight Dynamics
Highly accurate flight dynamics replicate the performance envelope of the real Comet, making it possible to fly 'by the numbers'.

Other features
• High fidelity sound set showcasing the distinctive Rolls-Royce engines
• Layered, tiled paintkit
• Comprehensive manual

• Flight Simulator X (SP2 and DirectX 10 preview compatible)
• 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
• 1Gb RAM
• 256Mb 3D graphics card
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• 475Mb hard drive space

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