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CRJ NextGen Deluxe FSX/P3D
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CRJ NextGen Deluxe FSX/P3D

Manufactured by Wilco Publishing

Wilco Publishing CRJ Next Gen is an advanced and realistic simulation of the Bombardier CRJ Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator X & Prepar3D.

The CRJ NextGen family of aircraft is a benchmark for regional jet efficiency in the 60- to 99-seat segment.

Bombardier CRJ Series family of regional jets is recognized as the most successful regional aircraft program in the world.

- Bombardier CRJ : CRJ-700/900/1000 reproduced in brand-new High Definition models
- Efficient clean-view 2D cockpit with selectable pop-ups for maximum visibility while fying
- Incredibly detailed 3D Interactive Glass virtual cockpit with multiple functional switches, knobs and levers and many bespoke programmed animations
- Stunning fully modelled luxury passenger’s cabin and window views
- Flight dynamics engineered by FS flight dynamics expert and tested by active CRJ pilots
- Specific FSX camera point of views for functional and recreational use
- Detailed animations : pilots, windshield wipers, hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passengers doors, cargo hatches, stairs
- Eye-candy features : wheel chocks, animated warning flags, cabin attendant figure
- Simulated systems : electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, automatic bleed air, air conditioning, etc.
- Frame-rate friendly
- Immersive audio experience with digitized sounds set recorded from the real plane : fire alarm, APU, batteries, air conditioning, passenger signs, warnings and caution messages,…
- High resolution liveries (HD) : numerous international airlines and Bombardier’s house livery with high resolution reflective and chrome textures, dynamic shine, night lighting, bump-mapped panel lines and rivets, etc.
- Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own airline (Adobe PhotoShop required - No technical assistance provided by Wilco for the use of the Paint Kits) :

The following liveries are included :

BritAir - Delta Connection - Jazz Air (Canada) - Bombardier House livery

Lufthansa City line - Alitalia/Air One - SAS - China Express - Bombardier House livery

Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) - Bombardier House livery.

The DELUXE version includes the following EXTRA liveries :

CRJ-700 : United Express
CRJ-900 : America West - Eurowings
CRJ-1000 : BritAir

The DELUXE version also includes more than 1 hour video footages recorded in the cockpits of the CRJ’s by Flight in the Cockpit (Just Planes Videos). This is available for the CD-Rom and download versions.

Realistic Flight Management Computer :
- Full management of the worldwide Navigraph database, including SID & STAR
- Full Flight Plan management with lateral and vertical navigation
- Direct function to any waypoint
- Full FIX management (distance, radial, Abeam)
- VNav advisory
- Other functions: POS Init, MSG history
- Traffic & Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS) simulation with visual Traffic Advisory
- Fully digital avionic with new flight director logic for takeoff, digital standby indicator, new engine start logic,
- Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple callouts
- Compatible with Navigraph database
- Pop up EFIS screens (PFD, ED,...) for multi-monitor displays
- Numerous warnings and caution messages
- Multi Function Displays including NAV, Plan, Rose, Radio modes,
- Comprehensive and accurate autopilot system
- Panel Hotspots to quickly access multiple 2D panels
- Battery and generators switches fully operative with corresponding action
- APU start up/shutdown sequences fully simulated for a complete Cold & Dark cockpit
- Anti-icing system
- Fully working FADEC for engine management

Comprehensive installation and flight training manual to teach you step by step all systems and procedures.

Compatibilities :
- VRinsight modules : CDU II, Multi Switch Panel, Instrument Radio Stack,
- Go Flight modules
- Track IR (Natural Point)
- TCAS supporting online flights on IVAO and VATSIM networks
- Support for any network using the FS multiplayer mode

The CRJ NextGen is not an update for the previously released Regional Jet Vol.1 CRJ (and New Generation) but a completely new development for FSX.

The CRJ NextGen doesn't feature a PILOT IN COMMAND developement level. Complexity of some procedures and/or equipment functionnalities may have been reduced to suit beginners and medium skilled simmers.

Technical requirements :

Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP1 & FSX SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) or Prepar3D
Windows XP 32 - Vista 32 bits - Seven 32-64 bits
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2x 2666Mhz) or equivalent (Core 2 Quad CPU recommended) - 2 GB RAM - DX9 Graphic Card with at least 256 MB (512 MB strongly recommended) 2.13Gb Hard disk space.
Download file size : 223Mb
Just Planes Video download file size : 421Mb

The Just Planes Video is supplied in a mp4 format, to be watched using e.g. Apple QuickTime or VLC Media Player.
CRJ Next Gen requires an internet connection to be installed.

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