Developers partnership Developers partnership
Your projects will be distributed online directly through our shop.

Online sales
To ensure quality, speed and secure download sales, we have a secure online system.
Each customer receives a download link, login and password.
For security reasons, a customer has download limitations.

Vendor access
To access real-time sales, we will set up a dedicated page for you. You will receive your own login and password, giving you sales details.

Our commission is fixed and calculated on performed sales.

If you wish to bring us the exclusivity of your product(s), a different commission will be considered.

We carry out the payments once a month, no later that 15th our commission deducted. Payments are done by Paypal accounts.

Product security codes
It is recommended (but not compulsory) to allow customers to enter a unique Key Code. This latest has to be provided in a text or Excel file, one code per line.
Our online sales system automatically delivers a single code to each customer.
If you have developed another security system, do not hesitate to contact us on this matter.

After-sale service
In most cases, we answer customers questions. However, we could request your help for some technical e-mails.

Easy & fast setup
As soon as we get your approval, we can quickly starts sales of your product(s).
Unless you have an Internet site with description and pictures of your product(s), it will be necessary
to send us all the useful information.

We remain responsible for the administrative and commercial services to the customers.
You remain responsible for the use of your files, the installation software and the key codes (if any).

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