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Fighter Bomber Wing 31 Boelcke FSX € 19.98 € 15.98
Fighter Bomber Wing 31 Boelcke FSX
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Fighter Bomber Wing 31 Boelcke FSX

Manufactured by AFS-Design

The Fighter Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke" is one of the oldest flying task forces of the Bundeswehr. With the flight of the first Euro Fighter, on 16 December 2009 was now launched in the air-ground role of the new generation combat aircraft to the fourth generation.

With the Euro Fighter, the Fighter Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke" is competent to carry out its mission as a main defense force within the alliance and national defense. After reaching the air-ground capability of € Fighters this as a multiple role-capable weapon system (Multi Role) next to the fight against air targets, the role of the fighter bomber and thus take over control of ground targets is. The Fighter Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke" on 20 June 1958 made by then-Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss in service. It is in the Air Force made several pioneering work. Thus, the weapon system Panavia Tornado PA 200 was first lodged Nörvenich at the airport in service. On 27 April 2006, the foundation stone for the construction of the 10.5 million euros down expensive simulator building. The topping out ceremony was on the 25th Celebrated in October 2006.

This package contains a mixture of 3 types of aircraft that are / were station(ed) at Fighter Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke"
In all planes containing only Bundeswehr / Fighter Bomber Wing 31 - paintings.
All paintings are created from scratch and now have a resolution of 2048 * 1024 pixels.
This package has the following paintings:

30 + 60 / 30 + 66 / 31 + 14 / 30 + 20 / 30 + 47

Panavia TORNADO with IDs:
43 + 02 / 44 + 38 / 43 + 03, 43 + 04

Furthermore, there is the latest version of the airfield Fighter Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke" in the package.

Other features of the Fighter Bomber Wing 31 package

• New AI - Traffic Radar in the EUROFIGHTER model
• Formation flight with the aircraft containing
• External load suspension with IRIS-T and auxiliary tanks
• Tug model with MAN tractor and towbar
• New more advanced flight dynamic
• Simulation of the 35,000 hp burly EJ200 engines
• Animation of the duck wing (canard wings) with the typical flutter movements
• Animation of the swing-wing Tornado
• High resolution textures with, among other things reflective surfaces and night effects
• Detailed Foreign and Indoor Model including animated virtual cockpit
• Light for cockpit, strobe, navigation and landing lights and light stripes formation
• Avionics for radio navigation system with autopilot
• Extensive lighting effects (such as navigation and landing lights)
• Numerous animations (eg, radome, hatch, Insertion - Suspension) with travel animation
• Animation of all control valves (eg, air brakes and spoilers)
• Air refueling EUROFIGHTER
Engine animation and authentic afterburner effects
• Detailed landing gear, rolling wheels when you start in formation
• Tailhook in the Eurofighter
• Detailed instructions for all 2 models and the fighter planes
• Static movement of the Eurofighter, F-4F Phantom, and Tornado
Authentic replica of the airbase of the Bundeswehr: Fighter Bomber Wing 31 "Boelcke"
• With new Eurofightersheltern, roads, tree lines, hangars of civilian and military units
• Fighter Bomber Wing 31 in German Jagdbombergeschwader 31, short JaboG-71
• Contain autogenic textures
• Airfield ID: ETNN
• And much more ...

Included cockpit displays

• AI - Traffic radar sites in EUROFIGHTER
• Panels provide the nostalgia of real fighters
• Various switches for engine control and function
• Manual Trimschalter trims as the F-4F Phantom and Mig-29
• 3 MFDs with about 30 different functions during EUROFIGHTER
• Hooks, FUEL Drobe switch, gear lever, light, and engine control switch
• Instrument Flight Display, 2 TO, 1 ADF indicator and 2 DMS
• Complex GPS Page, MAPpage, Navigationsmoduspage,
• OMI Lights, engine and hydraulic monitoring pages, STORE & FUEL Pages


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