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Messerschmitt Bf 109K FSX The Bf-109 was the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced from 1936 up to April 1945. The final production version of the Bf-109 was the K series, or "Kurf├╝rst", introduced in the autumn of 1944, powered by the DB 605D engine with up to 2,000 PS (1,973 HP). Though externally similar to the late production Bf 109G series, a large number of internal changes and aerodynamic improvements were incorporated that improved its effectiveness and remedied exis
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Super Cub Ultra FSX The highest-performing wing and engine combination yet developed for the famous Super Cub. Are you ready to deliver desperately needed supplies to the hardest-to-get-to remote communities and camps? Feel like spending the weekend camping and hiking in the wilderness, in any season, or just pitching your tent at an airshow? Ready to show your passengers the sights as they've never seen them before? Or perhaps you just want to practice your ultra-precise STOL maneuvers? Then this aircraft is f
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 € 22.60 
FSX Flight Replicas PA-11 Cub Special Flight Replicas PA-11 Cub Special, plus Wagner Twin Cub, for FSX plus Acceleration. Note: For FSX with Acceleration only. Not tested with SP2. This package contains seven models: • Early production version on wheels, skis and Edo 1320 floats. • Late production version on wheels, wheel-skis and Edo 2000 floats. • The Wagner Twin Cub. Early and late version differences consist mainly of some cosmetic differences plus older and newer style instruments. All feature the
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 € 14.99 
Flight Replicas CAC Boomerang CA-12/CA-13 FSX For FSX with Acceleration, or FSX Gold, only (not SP2) The complete package contains 3 models: CA-12. CA-13. CA-13 with ring gun sight. History: The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) Boomerang was a World War II fighter aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia between 1942 and 1945. The Boomerang was significant as the first combat aircraft designed and built entirely in Australia. Following the Japanese air raids on Darwin in northern Australia on 19 February 1942
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 € 16.20 
FSX Super Cub Early Standard and Military Experience the versatility and wide range of environments in which even the most basic versions of this exceptional aircraft can operate, and which helped make it famous. Agile, tough, dependable and able to carry a heavy load into small airfields, a favorite of both sport and professional pilots around the world. History: The Super Cub is one of aviation's most successful aircraft stories. In close to 40 years of production, over 9,000 were built, and a number of speciality companies co
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FSX Super Cub Deluxe IFR Amphibious The package contains a single model, in two paint schemes, of perhaps the most expensive and well equipped Super Cub variant available today. Cubs at this level, in real life, are in the $300,000+ (US) range (and that's without top-of-the-line instrumentation and avionics). This model features, along with the standard features of the overall Super Cub packages, a fully customizable avionics bay. You are able to install any high-end third-party avionics equipment you may own. Coupled with a
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FSX Super Cub Extreme Think you're ready to tackle the smallest places that will take a Super Cub? Think you have the extreme skills for landing on mountain tops and tiny gravel bars? And get back out again? Then these aircraft are for you. The complete package contains 5 models, for the more adventurous pilot, and not requiring float and ski operations. The Manual contains special instructions for STOL-type flying. History: The Super Cub is one of aviation's most successful aircraft stories. In close to 4
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