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Manufactured by feelthere

The scenery covers over 5000 square kilometer of South East Florida including fotorealistic surrounding of it's main airport Miami. The 16 airport's taxiways aligned to represent their real world counterpart and blending realistically into the fotorealistic terrain.

The source image is a 1 foot/pixel combination of satellite and aerial image for the best possible resolution colormatched to the default FS scenery allowing borderless transition into the default terrain.

Around each airports we placed thousands of autogen buildings and trees allowing a 3d visual experience on landings.

Seasonal changes are included as well as a in-house developed night imagery generating lights per buildings instead of generic floodlights around the scenery.

Main features:

•South-East Florida fotorealistic scenery
•Textures made from 1 foot/per pixel originals
•Customized autogen in the vicinity of the airports
•Four season and night included
•Rivers and lakes are landable
• airports are covered (KMIA, KOPF, KTMB, KHWO, KFLL, KHST, X51, FL31, 78FD, 04FA, 14FA, 22FD, FA35, X44, X46, FL65)
•The airports are optimized to blend into the photoscenery
•Very precise placement of the scenery ensuring correct position for the airports
•Optimized scenery allowing exceptional framerate

Known fsX limitations:
Some users may experience black frames around lakes. By setting the texture resolution within fsX should fix the problem.
The new fsX generated vehicle traffic is not compatible with this scenery at some areas so we recommend disabling this feature when you fly over the Florida scenery

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