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FS2004 Airbus A340-500-600 Combi Pack
€ 32.94
FS2004 Airbus A340-500-600 Combi Pack
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FS2004 Airbus A340-500-600 Combi Pack

Manufactured by Commercial Level Simulations

Model Features
•  Highly realistic exterior model
•  Full virtual Cockpit
•  Wingviews 
•  3D pushback truck
•  Tires stay flat on ground while takeoff or landing
•  Dynamic shine
•  Dynamic wingflex (with bouncing of turbulence)
•  Virtual cabin

Paint features
•  Realistic paint work
•  Layered Paint kit
•  CLS house livery
•  Open repaint policy
•  Singapore Airlines
•  Airbus Industries
•  Thai Airways
•  Etihad Airways
•  Air Canada OC
•  Air Canada NC
•  Air Canada OC/NC hybrid
•  Emirates Airlines
•  Emirates Airlines
•  FIFA 2006 and belly logo
•  Emirates Airlines
•  FIFA 2006
•  Emirates Airlines
•  Belly Logo
•  Emirates Airlines
•  Dubai shopping fest 2006
•  Airbus Industries
•  Thai Airways
•  Virgin Atlantic
•  Lufthansa
•  Iberia
•  Fabric primer
•  China Eastern
•  South African
•  Cathay Pacific

FDE Features
•  Highly tuned A340-500/600 FDE based on highly detailed Airbus documentation and experience in Airbus full motion, -axis simulators.
•  CLS "True Feel" correct performance and feel based on FAA Level D simulators.
•  Use of the default MSFS payload and fuel editor.
•  Use of default MSFS flight planner and Navigation Log for accurate flight/fuel planning.
•  Use of true A340 500 landing gear footprint as default gear points.
•  More than 60 individual contact point definitions and damage profiles throughout the aircraft
•  More than 15 individualize effects attached to the physical properties of the aircraft
•  Soundset recorded from actual A340 models with Rolls Royce Trent 500s
•  CLS / A345/6 Flight Operations Manual with full flight procedures
•  Full CLS / A345/6 Checklist
•  Full CLS / A345/6 Reference Charts

2D panel features
•  All New A340-500/600 panel with realistic gauges  
•  Overhead panel comes complete with packs, fuel pumps, fire,   fuel dump, apu, and lighting controls  
•  Realistic ND with limited waypoint display based on MSFS flight plan  
•  Realistic EICAM displays, covering many systems such as hydraulic   pressure, flight controls, electrical power and many more  
•  Limited function FMC which allows for SIDs and STARs in the MSFS database,   Radio and Navigation frequency entry, v
• speed calculation, "direct to" waypoint   features, progress display, estimated fuel on board, and more.  
•  EFIS displays, complete with Contraints, VOR, NDB, waypoint   and Airport overlays  
•  Realistic PFD with limited Airbus Laws Logic and Alpha Protection

System requirements:
•  Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
•  1.6 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD equivilant
•  Windows XP
•  512Mb RAM
•  128Mb 3D graphics accelerator card.
•  A plugin sound card such as Soundblaster Audigy
•  1.8 gig free harddisk space

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