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FSX English Electric Lightning F.6
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FSX English Electric Lightning F.6

Manufactured by JustFlight

The ferociously fast and much missed Lightning comes to FSX in this awesome package developed by Aeroplane Heaven.

Get the only all-British Mach 2 fighter in seven RAF liveries along with an export F.53 variant, all featuring numerous accurately animated moving parts, an amazing stereo sound set and detailed virtual cockpits with functional annunciator banks for all major engine systems and an accurate fuel tank gauge array.
Download size: 301MB

The Just Flight English Electric Lightning F.6 captures all the brutal power and awesome presence of this phenomenal aircraft. The Mk.6 Lightning was the pinnacle of the breed, giving you the chance to recapture something of the mixture of elation and sheer terror that faced the Lightning pilot of the 60s and 70s!

The first and last purely British-built supersonic Fighter and Interceptor, this hugely powerful aircraft was a potent symbol of the Cold War and was designed to be on high readiness to launch at a few minutes notice.


Highly accurate model, built over drawings and plans of the real aircraft
English Electric Lightning F.6 and F.53 variants included
Animated flying surfaces, landing gear, doors, hatches and airbrakes
Detailed landing gear with realistic suspension and accurate animation of the distinctive retraction process
Highly detailed virtual cockpit with radar scope and a significant number of animated/functioning switches and levers
Deployable braking chute which can be operated using either a keystroke or cockpit switch
Custom-coded, gravity-operated air-bleed doors housed in the fuselage sides
Authentic segmented tail-hook
Comprehensive set of ground equipment including chocks, pre-flight flags, probe sheath, cockpit ladder and even a tie-down cockpit cover
Switchable ground power unit
Includes the distinctive over-wing fuel tanks, selectable from the virtual cockpit
Dynamically animated reheats and operating thrust vanes in the tail pipes
Cockpit canopy is textured to replicate the low-glare, ‘dark-gold’ look of the original cockpit glazing
Red Top missiles, fitted to the fuselage on authentic pylons and capped for pre-flight safety when ground equipment is toggled
ADEN gun-pods built into the ventral tank, featuring muzzle flash and shell casing ejection effects
Animated SNEB’ rocket packs fitted to the F.53 version, together with under-wing pods
Accurate modelling of the Martin-Baker ejection seat from the Lightning period


A total of seven high definition liveries are included, featuring plenty of polished, heat-scorched and rivet-filled metal surfaces!

XR770 AA RAF 5 Squadron (red tail)
XR728 JS RAF Lightning Training Flight
XS901 AH RAF 5 Squadron (camouflage)
XR752 Y RAF 111 Squadron
XS903 BA RAF 11 Squadron
XS895 H RAF 74 Squadron
53-689 J Royal Saudi Air Force (Mk.53)

Virtual cockpit

Baked textures used to give the highly detailed cockpit a period, worn look
Fully functional with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
Authentic gauges and tracking, radar and radio equipment featuring the large AHI and NAV/TAC dial displays
Distinctive ribbon airspeed/MACH indicator 3D gauge with dual KIAS/MACH read-outs
Realistic liquid-filled EB2 standby compass
Collimated gun-sight
Radar scope with adjustable screen presentation displaying terrain, airport and traffic information
Fully functional autopilot which can be linked to the ILS and TAC displays for navigation and approach modes
DME, NAV, ADF, transponder and communications radio suite
Custom-coded engine selector switch, starter, reheat and engine cut controls
Accurate fuel tank gauge array, including the unique Lightning flap tanks
Functional annunciator banks for all major engine systems
Authentic tachometers indicate spool-up for the pre-start motors
Full night lighting effects for the instruments and panels

Other features

Highly accurate flight dynamics closely simulate the real aircraft performance envelope
Lighting and effects including afterburners, start-up smoke, strobes, recognition and navigation lights
Professional standard stereo sound set delivers the full force of the two Rolls-Royce Avon engines with their unique start-up sequences

Paint Kit

A layered PSD paint kit is included, featuring individual layers for weathering and detail (Photoshop or similar software required).

System Requirements:

Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold or SP2 required)
2.0GHz or any Dual Core
512MB graphics card
Windows 7, Vista or XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
150MB hard drive space

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