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F-111 Aardvark FSX & Prepar3D Just Flight's F-111 Aardvark captures perfectly the power and destructive force of this pioneering interdictor, tactical strike and strategic bomber aircraft. This package includes the F-111A and F-111C models in five liveries each, with highly detailed model-specific virtual cockpits and a range of ordnance. The distinctive F-111 variable wing swing is modelled with accurate flap, slat and wing glove operation, and there's even a functioning escape pod, allowing you to jettison yourself from
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 € 24.99 
Livery & FMC Expansion Pack for BAE 146-200 Jetliner If you own the Just Flight 146-200 Jetliner you can expand your fleet with these 14 finely detailed airline liveries from Europe and North and South America. Also in this pack is an FMC for the 146-200 which you can install if you want to - 146-200s didn't actually have one fitted when they left the factory but you might appreciate the added convenience of flying with one! Enjoying the Just Flight 146-200 Jetliner? If you'd like some additional liveries and an F-Lite style FMC (Flight M
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 € 5.99 
BAE 146-200 Jetliner FSX/P3D Just Flight's 146-200 Jetliner for FSX and Prepar3D features this short-haul favourite in 16 liveries with a superbly detailed virtual cockpit, custom lighting effects, accurate external animations, custom sound set and authentic flight dynamics. A host of cockpit systems are accurately simulated and a comprehensive manual with a tutorial flight will have you up in the air in no time! Short haul high density! With its high T-tail, stubby undercarriage, drooping anhedral wing, four engines
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 € 29.99 
FSX English Electric Lightning F.6 The ferociously fast and much missed Lightning comes to FSX in this awesome package developed by Aeroplane Heaven. Get the only all-British Mach 2 fighter in seven RAF liveries along with an export F.53 variant, all featuring numerous accurately animated moving parts, an amazing stereo sound set and detailed virtual cockpits with functional annunciator banks for all major engine systems and an accurate fuel tank gauge array. Download size: 301MB The Just Flight English Electric Lightning
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 € 25.50 
737 Professional FSX 737 Professional for FSX comes in ten international liveries and features a highly detailed 737-200 ADV model including custom flight dynamics, an authentic sound set, fully featured Virtual Cockpit and 2D panels, PDCS and a host of custom-coded flight systems. A complete set of lighting effects, authentic flight dynamics, accurate animations and a comprehensive 116-page manual are also included in this classic simulation for FSX. Download size: 90MB The 737-200 series sold over 1,100 an
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 € 38.75 
DC-6B Legends of Flight FSX The DC-6B was the epitome of the radial piston engine passenger aircraft. Powerful, noisy and smoky on engine start-up, the DC-6B was flown all over the world and opened up air travel on every continent. Originally designed in 1944 as the XC-112 military transport aircraft, the DC-6B was reworked into a civilian aircraft in order to compete with Lockheed’s Constellation. The aircraft was a true success story, with some of the 700 aircraft that were built still in service today, predominantly i
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 € 25.50 
Traffic X PlusPak - Civil & Military This Traffic X PlusPak contains ALL the content from the Civil and the Military Traffic X PlusPaks, providing 12 civil aircraft types in a variety of paint schemes, giving a total of 137 aircraft, and 150 military aircraft comprising 16 different types - see the More Info page for the full aircraft details. The aircraft are fully compatible with Traffic X (FSX/DX10 Preview compatible) and the textures are in the new DDS format. This new PlusPak for Traffic X includes additional Airport Fa
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 € 16.30 
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