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Quality Flight Simulator Addons FS2004 X FSX Downloads Shop by SurClaro. Aircraft, Scenery, Panels, Space Shuttle, tools. A must visit site for every flightsim fan.
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Quality Flight Simulator Addons FS2004 X FSX Downloads Shop by SurClaro. Aircraft, Scenery, Panels, Space Shuttle, tools. A must visit site for every flightsim fan.
Install & Activation
  1. How do I Install/Activate Ariane Desing Products?

    1 Using Explorer. Find the install exe that you downloaded from our web site.
    2 Unzip it using WinZip (you must use winzip or Winrar to minimise the risk of corruption).
    3 RUN the file by right clicking it and select the 'install as administrator' option.
    4 The installer will ask you a series of on-screen questions. You MUST read all of them carefully. Check the path it installs to and make sure that you follow them carefully. READ and CHECK. Click NEXT when read.
    5 CHECK THE PATH. This is important or the files go where you do not want them to go.
    6 ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS are needed to install the product (turn off UAC - if you are not sure what this means go to our website SUPPORT page and read the questions until you find the right answer).
    7 When ready, start FSX. Ignore any messages about a new file by pressing RUN and YES. Locate the default Cessna. Choose any version; it does not matter which one you choose as long as it is a Microsoft default aircraft. (Selecting the default aircraft will load the FSX' base code into memory which makes for more efficient and more reliably functioning, third party addons).
    8 Go the menu and select the AIRCRAFT loading screen. Make sure that the ALL VERSIONS box is ticked and select ARIANE as the publisher.
    9 Select the Boeing you have purchased
    10 Wait for the aircraft to load. You will note that there are no displays and that the gear is not showing, do not be alarmed, this is all part of the security. Go to the FSX menu and select the drop down section on the far right of all the other parts of the menu. Select the one that says: ADDONS and click on it and 'Ariane Boeing 737' should be available. Look down the small list and select the drop-down section that says 'Activation Request'.Note that a series of boxes will open up.


    11 Fill in the NAME box. Press Next.
    12 Fill in the email box (ONLY use the email you used to order it and ONLY do it from your PC. If you use another PC the request will be rejected. You must ONLY use the PC and the email you used to order the product. Press Next.
    13 THe next box asks for your order ID number. To find this, open the email you received from your flight sim store and look on it for a Cart number, Order Ref number that is composed by letters SUR, order number a dash and id, ie SUR10009999-1
    Enter the number in the Order ID Box.
    14 When you press the NEXT key the program should then create an ACTIVATION REQUEST for you. DO NOT EDIT IT. REPEAT. DO NOT EDIT IT. This is a set of code that Ariane needs to verify your order before a key is given to you. The email has alrady been email addressed to However, if this email is not being used at this time, cc an email to to be certain. DO NOT EDIT IT OR WE CANNOT READ IT.
    15 Allow up to 48 hours (at weekends or following this may require more time so please be patient, it WILL arrive in good time provided you have entered the correct email address.
    16 When the key arrives, start up FSX and copy the entire email, all of it. DO NOT EDIT IT.
    17 Press the button marked ACTIVATE. The program will tell you to restart FSX. YOU MUST RESTART FSX,
    17 Restart FSX and load the default Cessna.
    18 Load the Ariane Boeing.
    19 Note that the screens may be blue or look 'dead'. This is OK.
    20 Using Explorer, navigate to where you isntalled FSX and open the ARIANE/Manuals folder.
    21 Read the manuals marked FLIGHT REFERENCE first and then read the manual marked Boeing 737 Training Guide.

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  2. How do I register FS Instant Approach FSX Runway Approach Maker?

    The key point is that you will have been sent data that contains 4 sets of numbers.

    The picture below illustrates typical data (this is an example - you must use the data you were sent).

    The data you were sent might look like this:


    and you can see how the codes are separated by commas.

    Just copy and paste the individual pieces into the Credits Screen of FS Instant Approach and then press the Register Program button.

    We do NOT recommend that you type the codes as the slightest mistake will mean it does not work.

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  3. I have purchased a DBS STUDIOS product, how do I activate it?
    Activation of DBS Studios products is very easy.

    First customer must install product, then run simulator, open simulator menu Addons/[Product name]/Activate

    Then select Create Activation Request, in dialog fill all 3 fields (name, valid email for receive activation key, order#)

    Ten save request to file (button Save or Offline) and send this file to or as attach.

    When DBS receive requet file - they create unique key, based on request file and send back with complete activation instructions

    More information if found at the activation guide document under Start - Programs - DBS Studios.
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  4. The product installer is asking for a serial key, where I can find it?
    When you placed the order you received an email. The serial or activation number is indicated there, also it is found on your order history under My Account page.
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