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  1. How to install and setup an add-on under Windows 7 / VISTA ?
    First, install the add-on using Full Administrator Rights.

    Then, go into C://program files/microsoft games/
    Highlight Flight Simulator X folder and right-click on it
    Select the SECURITY tab
    Click on your username (not on Administrator 1)
    Click on the "edit" option (it should have a pic of a shield on the button with edit next to it)
    Then you should be prompted by Vista security module, click on "ALLOW"
    Then tick the "Full Control" box and press "OK"
    Installation of our add-ons can now start.

    Using a 64bits Operating Systems, the installer cant find the Flight Simulator folder.
    Your Flight Simulator is probably located into a folder called "Programsx86" which is probably not what the installer is looking for.
    During the installation process, simply browse the installer to this folder.
    Once done, be sure to follow the Windows 7/Vista procedure as explained above.

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