Airbus A320neo FSX FS2004
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Airbus A320neo FSX FS2004

Airbus A320neo FSX FS2004

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AFS-design brings a excellent rendition of Airbus A320neo and contains the following models:

- AIRBUS A319neo
- AIRBUS A320neo with Cabin interior model
- AIRBUS A321neo

For Flight Simulator FSX ( assisted SP1, SP2, Acceleration Pack with DX9 ) and FS2004

These models all have the following features:

- Detailed external and internal model including Virtual Cockpit with a friendly co - pilot
- Animations in the external model: flaps, slats, spoilers, three cabin doors and two hatches, animate gear
- Extensive lighting effects of windows and exterior lighting
- Exterior lighting: Beacon-, Strobes-, Nav-, Landing- and Taxi- Lights
- Virtual Cockpit: panel light, window reflections, highly detailed, including avionics for radio navigation
- Panel with FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ) and GPS ( Global Positioning System )
- Engine thrust reverser including animation and realistic flight dynamics
- All models with ATC-ID sign in the cockpit and exterior models.
- New textures (1024*1024 px) with specular shine, night lighting and Alpha technology
- Record sound of original Rolls Royce TREND 900 engines and
- gangway stairs and logolight

All models have a fully functional cockpit:

- 2 Primary Flight Displays and 2 Multi functions displays
- 2 switchable EICAS Displays
- Center console with FMC, radio controls with transponders, trim wheel, throttle and engine control
- Upper panel with about 100 real deposited switches
- "Seatbelt" and "no-Smoking" sign with acoustic sound
- Autopilot features: ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV, SPeeD, Mach, Loc, Autothrottle/ Master, QNH

FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ):

- New FMC for the Airbus A320 Family
- 15 differents menus
- Gauge of miscellaneous flightparameter
- Use of flightplan
- Calculation of courses analogical wind, highlevel and aerodrome of destination
- Follow of waypoints
- Coursegauge and autopilotcontrol

These are equipped with a variety of liveries:

- Industrie House
- Germanwings
- Lufthansa
- Air France
- easyJet
- LAN Airlines
- United Airlines
- US Airways
- China Airlines
- British Airways
- Qatar Airways
- Air Canada
- Groundlack
- Repaint Texture

The Airbus A320 single-aisle jetliner family (composed of the A318, A319, A320 and A321) is the undisputed best-selling aircraft product line of all time. It is used in a full range of services from very short-haul airline routes to intercontinental segments, on operations from challenging in-city airports to high-altitude airfields and an Antarctic ice runway, and on VVIP and government missions with the most discerning passengers. To ensure this true market leader keeps its competitive edge, Airbus continues to invest in improvements across the product line, including development of the A320neo new engine option, enhancements to the jetliner’s aerodynamics, upgrades to the widest passenger cabin in its class, and extended service intervals for the airframe.

Since Airbus’ launch of the A320neo in December 2010, more than 1,000 orders and commitments had been logged for this enhanced family as of June 2011 – setting a sales record of its own with bookings from airlines and leasing companies alike. This represents an important percentage of the 7,000-plus firm orders booked for all A320 aircraft types. The A320neo provides minimum change with maximum benefit for the best-selling A319, A320 and A321 through the incorporation of two new engine choices – the PW1100G PurePower from Pratt & Whitney and CFM International’s LEAP-X – along with Airbus’ Sharklets large wing tip devices. These improvements will deliver fuel savings of 15 per cent and an additional flight distance of 500 nautical miles (950 kilometres), or the ability to carry two tonnes more payload at a given range. For the environment, the A320neo’s fuel savings translate into some 3,600 tonnes less CO2 per aircraft per year. Additionally, the A320neo will provide a double-digit reduction in NOx emissions and reduced engine noise. This new A320 version will have over 95 per cent airframe commonality with the existing models, enabling it to fit seamlessly into existing A320 Family fleets – a key factor for Airbus customers and operators, which have received more than 4,700 aircraft delivered as of mid 2011.

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