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FSX Harrier Jump Jet

FSX Harrier Jump Jet

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The first Harrier latched onto air inside October 1961.

The unique vectored forced engine and nozzle agreement remained essentially unchanged through the entire lifetime of the type through for the Last versions.

The very first production sorts have been specified GR1 and were sent to Raf squadrons because strike fighter-bombers within mid-1967. The actual Royal Navy have also been interested in the Harasser as well as purchased a unique sea-going edition called the Sea-Harrier FRS1 or maybe more commonly, “SHAR”. Basically A GR1/3, the actual FRS1 differed because this were built with a conventional aimed nostril with concealed radar and as such is really a clean layout in that area.

The actual GR3 is the to begin the type to see combat actions and travelled using the Raf partnering Royal Navy FRS1s throughout the Falklands discord of 1982.

The Harasser continued being used through the All of us Marine corps and has been constantly enhanced along with extremely advanced avionics and also weapons techniques and designated AV8-A. Two-seat instructors were also created and also later versions had been purchased from the Spanish Navy.

Lately upon the market from energetic service in the united kingdom, the particular Harrier should surely get the place in flight historical past as the excellent planes advances with the modern age.


This plane is made for Flight simulator X only


Completely detailed, accurate exteriors showing you the famous GR3 (Raf) and FRS1 (RN) from your Falklands War period.
Many comprehensive Animated graphics such as withdrawing lids on the goblet radio detection and ranging nasal area (GR3), aircraft nozzles, flaps and all sorts of control areas as well as undercarriage.
Motor ports as well as central lover windmill will also be cartoon properly.
Cartoon wiper is governed coming from seat and communicates along with real-time weather conditions.
Selectable loadouts for guns and also external tankage.
Selectable refuelling probes (for visuals).
Cartoon preliminary inside totally in depth ejector seat.
Complete floor established such as chocks, airline flight flags and also powerplant intake covers.
Completely modelled, switchable soil power unit trailers
Accurate endured feel sets depicting Numerous frontline and coaching devices with the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy as well as US Marine corps, lower and high re strategies utilized in the particular Falklands War.


Fully comprehensive precise Harasser seat consists of working mist nozzle manage.
Fully highlighted Virtual Cockpit along with illuminated Hud as well as Three dimensional indicators including engine established and fish tank pickers, navigation indicators, stereos as well as weapons loadouts. Fuel dispose of function can be included.
Spectacular night time lighting effects inside the cockpit together with realistic instrument and swap back-lighting.
Fully functional Head up Show : airspeed, barometric elevation, permanent magnet heading, path vector, radio-altitude, routing information, goal designation container, inform messages, Grams ratio, Mach number, lender angle.
Advanced radio detection and ranging displaying Army Intelligence visitors as well as other player planes (if utilized in The multi-player session). This characteristics Three scanning settings and target information. The secured focus on can be shown around the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Many comprehensive Animated graphics plus a full set of useful changes and buttons. Almost everything within the Harrier cockpit is switchable and all controls are usually correctly reproduced to have an immersive experience!

Flight Model

A unique flight design may be produced with this planes allowing highly reasonable simulators with the up and down takeoff and also getting VTOL qualities with the Harrier. Even the popular “airshow bow” can be replicated!
Like the real Harrier, a great "autoSTOL" lever has been additional. This presets the mister nozzles to a fixed angle for an automated choice of various settings : VTOL, VSTOL STOL as well as conventional takeoff as well as landing. No more do the particular aircraft pilots need to pick a environment for that misting nozzles (whilst they may if they wish). This provides an amazing maneuverability, just like the real thing!
VTOL,STOL and also traditional flights can be executed together with total authenticity thanks to brand new encoding engineering duplicating the exact auto nozzle/flap configurations. No other simulation approach can replicate this particular because precisely!
The actual trip characteristics are usually true to sort and call for ability to master. This particular Harrier simulators is challenging however very rewarding!
An authentic seem established is roofed.
Special effects consist of exhaust smoke which changes together with misting nozzle position as well as aerodynamic lift outcomes to create the visuals very realistic.
Cannon gun effect, firable in the cockpit, for that ADEN cannon pods.


Four liveries BAe Harrier GR3 :

1) 1 Squadron RAF as operated in the South Atlantic during the Falklands War 1982
2) 4 Squadron RAF as operated in Gutersloh Germany, 1992
3) 3 Squadron RAF Wittering
4) Dirty" wartime version with no markings

Three liveries FRS1 Sea Harrier :

1) 899 NAS Royal Navy 1982 Falklands conflict
2) Indian Navy SHAR FRS51
3) 801 NAS Royal Navy Blue/White scheme

Harrier Jump Jet Paint Kit available here (19Mb - Photoshop required). There is no technical assistance for the use of our Paint Kits.

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