P-38 Lightning FSX/FS2004
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P-38 Lightning FSX/FS2004

P-38 Lightning FSX/FS2004

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Called the "Fork Tailed Devil" in the Far East, the P38 Lightning was a sight to strike fear into an enemy"s heart. First flown in 1938, the design focus was on speed and agility and the type went on to perform in many theatres in WWII; it was used in fighter, attack and even high-altitude PR (Photo Reconnaissance) roles.

The warbird experts at Aeroplane Heaven have spent countless hours developing this iconic aircraft for use in Flight Simulator. With a superb user-friendly Virtual Cockpit, it was decided not to model the "traditional" 2D instrument panel. The aircraft is packed with detail, from the gun and camera bays to the authentic 17 liveries included in the package.

Two famous PR aircraft are included in this package - the planes of Adrian Warburton and Antoine de St Exupery, both of which were lost in mysterious circumstances. Also featured is "Glacier Girl", which force-landed on Greenland ice 60 years ago and has recently been recovered and restored to flying condition from under 260 feet of ice!

System requirements

FS2004 or Flight Simulator X (Acceleration/SP2 compatible)
2GHz (3GHz for FSX)
512Mb RAM (1Gb for FSX)
128Mb 3D graphics card
Windows XP/Vista/7
850Mb hard drive space
"The best P-38 package around.. The choice of liveries is excellent" FlightSim.com

"Impressive level of detail... Faithfully modelled both inside and out... The sound thrown out by those awesome engines is simply superb... The smoothest gauges I’ve seen in pretty much any add-on... The package includes a 32 page PDF manual, which is up to Just Flight’s usual high standards" FlightSimX.co.uk

"The external models are accurate and detailed... The engine sound is very good... A great package modelling a great airplane...A very well-done, very pleasing piece of software" Mutley"s Hangar

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone... easily the best military aircraft I have flown" FSStation.com

"These are superbly recreated renditions of this charismatic Lockheed design, and the research that has gone into creating them certainly shows... without doubt this title is a gem!" Combat Aircraft

"The work inside the VC is commendable... one of the best sound experiences I"ve ever heard.. a nice package" PC Pilot

"Extremely realistic sound-effects, a detailed cockpit and some beautiful innovations make this a must-have for fighter pilots!" GRDB.de (Silver award)

"An exact historical rebuild... a must-have for all fans of WW2 warbirds" Gamershall.de (Gold Award)

"One of the best P-38 models I have seen to date... An incredibly detailed aircraft... Nothing has been left out...The interior alone makes this package worth the price of admission... The sound in and outside of the P-38 from Just flight is also some of the best sound I have ever heard from this era of aircraft... Well worth the price tag" Computer Pilot

"Nothing has ever been this good, this true, or come this close to P-38 reality before!... I found the exterior detail to be excellent... An incredibly impressive sound package... Just Flight and their developers, Airplane Heaven, have done an incredible job of rendering the most realistic P-38 Lightning you will find anywhere!" Cyber Skies

"The virtual cockpit is one of the smoothest and most detailed we"ve seen... A work of art that warbird fans will worship... Such attention to authenticity is absorbing and spellbinding... High quality add-on that shines with cinematic splendour" Aircraft magazine

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