FSX/FS2004 F-117A Stealth Fighter
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FSX/FS2004 F-117A Stealth Fighter

FSX/FS2004 F-117A Stealth Fighter

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The F-117A was so secret that it operated for seven years before the public were told it even existed! Now the distinctive silhouette of the Stealth Fighter (it"s actually a bomber) has been sighted in the FSX/FS2004 skies and is ready for any covert operations that you need to undertake.

This incredible aircraft can go pretty much where it pleases and fly undetected thanks to its bizarre shape. Known as the Stealth Fighter, it"s actually a bomber and has been deployed successfully in many theatres of war ever since the first secret flights in the early 1980s. Now the team at CLS has brought this amazing machine to Flight Simulator and armchair pilots can now join the airborne elite and take the Nighthawk anywhere they want in the FS world.

System requirements

FS2004 or Flight Simulator X (FSX Acceleration/SP2 compatible)
Pentium IV 1.7GHz (2.5GHz for FSX)
512Mb RAM (1Gb for FSX)
64Mb 3D graphics card (128Mb for FSX)
Windows XP/Vista/7
1Gb hard drive space


A tour de force of detail and realism
PC Pilot

This is definitely an aircraft for all enthusiasts, from the casual to the hardcore

Hours and hours of examining this aircraft have made me feel that I can definitely give this bird my stamp of approval. I am satisfied with the way that the exterior model and virtual cockpit represent the Nighthawk, and the sound set is well above par

In testing, we found the manuals to be generally user-friendly and the aircraft themselves great fun to fly. Skimming low over the ground in low light conditions with the camera view switched on is a whole new flight sim experience... and one that"s well worth trying!
Combat Aircraft

A stunning model, A stunning piece of software, A stunning experience. The sheer, fun filled, fun packed, exuberance, will last many many hours

The visual representation, both externally and internally are fantastic, the sound set is great and detail is stunning

CLS did an excellent job on the whole of the interior and is a joy to fly from the VC or 2D panel... Believe me, you will not be disappointed with this package and the price is nice and worth every penny

A lot of effort and time went into this model and it shows!... What a joy to fly, and to learn to fly as well!

...a great add-on and well worth the money. From the first moment you load the plane up you cant help but think WOW, straight away you can appreciate all the work that has gone into this product.

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