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FSX Aeronca Champ

FSX Aeronca Champ

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The Aeronca Champ is the plane that helped to train many of the best pilots in the world. It also is a favourite for private pilots and many Cadets have earned their wings by being trained in the Aeronca Champion.
The Aeronca is a perfect choice for flying in and out of tight air strips, going out the lake and for just flying around enjoying the scenery.
We took much pride in the construction for the Aeronca by using our many years of 3D game design knowledge and the very best in 3D rendering software to create the most detailed and finely crafted Aeronca in the flight simulation community.

The new FSX-only CR1-Software Aeronca Champ is a full max rendition of the real thing. It is delivered with the following model variants:

• Tail Dragger
• Tail Dragger with wheel pants
• Tail Dragger with tundra tires
• Tail Dragger ski version
• Float version
• Tricycle version
• Tricycle version with wheel pants
The model also comes in short tail and long tail versions of all the above. Also it comes with 5 different interior colors so the user can mix and match models, liveries, and interiors to create a custom plane in the colors the user prefers.

The Aeronca is array with the following features:

• Full animation suite
• Full dynamic clickable VC
• Opening door
• Opening window
• Opening hood
• Mega detailed engine
• Fully animated pilot
• Realistic flight models
• 12 model configurations
• Excellent Aeronca sound pack
• Paint kit
• 17 liveries
• DirectX 10 compatible
• FSX Acceleration or SP2 only
• Customer operation and configuration manual
• Self-installing executable for easy setup


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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 October, 2010.

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