FSX/P3D Cessna Centurion II CT210M
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FSX/P3D Cessna Centurion II CT210M

FSX/P3D Cessna Centurion II CT210M

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New characteristics:
Reality XP intergrated, together with 3d Gauges.
Fresnel shader roadmaps enable realistic insights as well as lighting.
High definition smoothness and same textures within LITE edition for less effective computers.
Devices glare (appear/dissapear option).

High Definition quality smoothness (2048 x 2048).
3D gauges.
Unique High Quality digital stereo sound recorded straight from the actual aircraft.
Carenado GNS530 as well as GNS430 set up.
KFC225 auto-pilot.
Customizable panel for handling windows openness, tool reflections and also static components for example wheel chocks, pitot protect and sights deference.
Take upT210M Centurion handbook with normal, emergency and performance records.
Examined through actual Centurion pilots.
Realistic night lights impact on virtual cockpit.
FSX functions: outside variable dark areas, inside variable shadows upon VC, meter normal mapping, specular applying and also grow lights.
Polygon optimized design.
Friendly Frames per second.
Interactive virtual cockpit.
Full shifting components: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flap, moving added wheels and also reduce tab
Animated areas such as: propeller, doorways, home windows, sunvisors.
Lighting: Routing lights, landing and also cab lights.
Three dimensional patterned pilots, seat location and also voyager vacation cabin area.
Separate changes for instruments lighting and also cabin gentle.
Toggle yoke.
Real habits compared to the genuine airplane.
Real stability and weight.

Contained in the package:
Five High Definition paint strategies and the exact same strategies within Lite variations.
A single High Definition Blank texture.
A couple of models (1 pilot and 2 pilots).
Normal and Emergency Methods - Performance tables Pdf file.
Fast research desk Pdf.
Autopilot KFC225 Manual Pdf file.
Procedures Tips and also Reality Experience Integration Pdf file.
Carenado GNS430 Customers Guide Pdf.
Carenado GNS530 Users Guide Pdf file.
Recommended Settings Pdf.

Technical Requirements:
Windows XP with SP3 installed, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bits).
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) installed.
Pentium V/2GHz or similar - 2GB RAM - 512MB graphics card.
660 MB available hard disk space.

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