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Super Cub Ultra FSX

Super Cub Ultra FSX

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The highest-performing wing and engine combination yet developed for the famous Super Cub.

Are you ready to deliver desperately needed supplies to the hardest-to-get-to remote communities and camps? Feel like spending the weekend camping and hiking in the wilderness, in any season, or just pitching your tent at an airshow? Ready to show your passengers the sights as they"ve never seen them before? Or perhaps you just want to practice your ultra-precise STOL maneuvers? Then this aircraft is for you.

The complete package contains 3 variations of the model, for the more adventurous pilot not requiring float and ski operations. The Manual contains special instructions for STOL-type flying.

For FSX and Acceleration together (or FSX Gold). Not for SP2 or FSX straight-from-the-box.


Flight Dynamics written and tested by real Super Cub pilot (and 767 Captain);
Includes custom sounds;
Highly accurate VCs;
Wind sounds when doors and/or sliding windows open;
Lower door, keychain react to dynamic forces;
Audible overstressing of the airframe;
35 wheels;
Water-skimming ability, for fun plus assisted ultra-short-off-airport landings;
Brake-stand take-offs;
AOSS low-rebound gear suspension;
Vortex generators and other high-lift accessories;
Removable fuel/baggage pod and strut-mounted rifle;
Fully clickable and workable cockpits overall;
Three different variations (standard, cargo and passenger);
Five different textures;
Bump and specular mapping;
Animated pilots, including over rough terrain;
Full flight operations manual, accurate and derived from the original;
Paint kit
Squared wings with increased wing and control surface area;
Droop aileron system;
Precise flight dynamics;
Camping, pre-heating and storage equipment.

The Manual can be found in the ...Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesSuper_Cub_Ultra folder

Sceneries depicted in screenshots are the spectacular Plum Island Airport and Tongass Fjords by FSAddon, and German Airfields 1 by Aerosoft.

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