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AeroFiles Airline Pilot USA

AeroFiles Airline Pilot USA

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Airline Pilot USA (Bundle 1) brings you in the seat of a United States commercial airline company. Bundle number 1 features destinations such as:

Chicago-O"Hare Intl to Kennedy Intl,
Hanksville airport to Bellingham Intl,
Honolulu Intl to San Diego Intl,
McCarran Intl to Logan Intl,
San Francisco Intl to Tucson Intl.
This missions bundle has 5 missions, where you are working as a new pilot.
These missions are departure and arrival based missions.

FSX is the first flight simulator which features high quality missions.
The Airline Pilot series will greatly add to that fact.
The sound effects for pilot with crew, and passenger voices, are of a high order.


High Quality Sound Files (Radio Chatter Effects)
Active Pilot & Stewardesses Voices
Voices Play (Before Takeoff, After Takeoff, And Landing)
For FSX (Service Pack 2) & (Acceleration)
Easy To Install, Minimum Efforts

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