Virtual Private Pilot License FSX Course
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Virtual Private Pilot License FSX Course

Virtual Private Pilot License FSX Course

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The mission pack "Private Pilot License" reproduces a virtual PPL course as it is in real life. The pack has been fully designed and programmed by a real-life private pilot.
It has four parts, where all procedures will be executed as they would in real life, but within a pleasant and fun environment. All maneuvers are explained and detailed in full, and the mission will test our accuracy in executing them. All missions must be undertaken in their due order.

Part One: Maneuvers

We will learn how to correctly execute a number of maneuvers such as climb, descent, turns, slow flight, stall recovery, steep spiral descent, etc.

Part Two: Circuits

We will learn how to correctly execute traffic patterns, as well as correct approach and landing at an airfield.

Part Three: Landing in crosswinds and short airfield.

In this part we will learn a correct approach in crosswind, and we"ll also practice takeoffs and landings in short airstrips.

Part Four

After completing the first three parts, we will be ready for our first solo cross country flight. We will take a Cessna 172 for a cross-country flight between three different airfields, but no GPS will be available for the flights. The student will manage all communications, and will have to find the airfields without help. As this flight will be made under actual weather conditions, the student will better choose a suitable day. In real life, this solo voyage is mandatory before taking the PPL exam.

For this mission, base field is Sabadell and the instalation includes a native scenery for FSX where all its taxiways, platforms, and other infrastructures are fully detailed.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR AIRCLUBS: If you wish this course in your own airfield or with your own planes, please contact the autor.

English and Spanish versions included

Virtual flight Design 2010

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