Simple FSX Missions Vol2
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Simple FSX Missions Vol2

Simple FSX Missions Vol2

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This volume contains ten simple but fun final approach missions design for beginner pilots, and all you need to do is follow instructions and know how to use the autopilot, but if you are an advance pilot or if you want to make the missions more challenging you can always disengage the autopilot and fly the missions manually, the choice is yours. The missions will take you to 10 different European Airports and you will be flying the Boeing 737, 747, CRJ200, and the Airbus A320. I am also including two extra bonus missions of Approaches in two other European Airports.

Here is the Approaches list:
- Berlin Approach
- Budapest Approach
- Heathrow Approach
- Lisbon Approach
- Madrid Approach
- Monaco Approach
- Paris Approach
- Vienna Approach
- Rome Approach
- Greece Approach

And Bonus Missions:
- Sweden Approach
- Ireland Approach

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