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FSX Airshow Pilot

FSX Airshow Pilot

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How accurate is your flying? Can you keep headings, altitudes and fly near-perfect manoeuvres? Now’s your perfect chance to prove you are the best! Airshow Pilot is all about accurate, precision flying at air shows, whether in an aerobatic Extra, a passenger airliner or a Hawk fast jet trainer - in fact you can fly any aircraft that you have installed in FSX!

Whether you want to perform Loops, Cuban Eights, Rolls and Immelmanns in a dedicated aerobatic aircraft like the Extra, fly a fast and low display pass along the crowd line in an huge Airbus or perform in an Arrow or Diamond formation in a Hawk trainer (using a Learjet panel), Airshow Pilot is guaranteed to give you a whole new perspective on aircraft handling.

Learn via the in-built training feature, practise and then test your flying skills against AI competitors on your PC or compete online with real Airshow Pilot competitors. Refine your flying skills during a full calendar of events. Exclusive tracking software records your flights for you to review and will evaluate and rate your skills. You are also able to download other competitors" flights and play them back! Competition results are ranked throughout a season and every pilot will receive a world ranking - trophies are reserved for only the best pilots in each category!

During competitions the airfield will be filled with air show crowds - people, tents, booths, cars, display aircraft and much more. You can even hear the crowd noise! Airshow Pilot also includes the tools for you to design air show aerobatic events, flight programs and even airport populations!

System requirements

Flight Simulator X SP2 (Acceleration & DirectX 10 Preview compatible)
3.0Ghz or any dual core
1.0Gb RAM
512Mb graphics card
Windows 7, Vista or XP with .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) installed
100Mb hard drive space

"We thoroughly enjoyed Airshow Pilot. . . it was a great challenge to have to fly an accurate planned routine without going too low or busting the "crowdline" and incurring the wrath of a virtual Display Director. . . This program could become a useful tool to "real world" display pilots who want to try out new routines without burning several tanks of expensive Avgas. . . A great fun product which might even have a practical use too!" AV8 Magazine

"An entertaining and challenging package that gives Flight Simulator real purpose" PC Pilot (90% - Classic Product award)

"A fantastic product and an absolute must have for stunt junkies!. . . I must applaud the level of detailed realism in this product as it truly is the first of its kind. . . This product is absolutely worth the price" Wing Sims Online

"A very thorough add-on that has a huge amount of depth and expansion possibilities. . . Airshow Pilot is FSX at its best in my view and an add-on that has so much adaptability it can satisfy the most ambitious aerobatics pilot or the gentlest warbirds fly past. . . I really really liked Airshow Pilot. I think the way it has been implemented is fantastic. . . Just Flight have a real winner" Aircraft Repaints New Zealand

"It"s cheap for all the things you get, and for the quality of it all. . . Airshow Pilot spells quality from start to finish. . . The program is huge and you will find details for a long time. . . The whole training school included is simply ace. . . Very entertaining software that will keep you glued to FSX for a countless number of hours. . . Just Flight will teach you to fly by the seat of your pants, and IT IS FUN!. . . God help me, I am hooked!" FlightSimulatorXWorld.com

"A fairly unique experience for Flight Simulator X pilots. . . A very good attempt at recreating the experience of an airshow pilot, and it is good fun as well. . . Definitely worth a look if you are after something a little different and exciting" Computer Pilot

"FUN, FUN and even more FUN!. . . Unlimited hours of fun with endless flight event (and thus flight program and FSPopulation) possibilities. . . Creating your own Airshow [. . .] gives you almost unlimited possibilities" Avsim.com

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