FS2004 Concorde Professional
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FS2004 Concorde Professional

FS2004 Concorde Professional

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The era of supersonic transportation begins and ends with Concorde. Developed as an Anglo-French joint venture to be the transport of tomorrow, its shape was distinctive and Concorde set pulses racing whenever it flew. After 28 years of commercial operation Concorde has had to take early retirement but, thanks to the team at PSS, this aviation icon will continue to dart across the skies of Flight Simulator 2004 at 23 miles per minute. The accuracy of this virtual Concorde is unmatched and it will take every ounce of your skill and dedication to master. Piloting Concorde Professional is the most challenging flying experience you"ll ever have on your PC - this is a fact, not a slogan!

System requirements

Flight Simulator 2004
512Mb RAM
64Mb graphics card
Windows XP/2000
140Mb hard drive space
Despite the level of detail there was no impact on Refresh rates, smooth and reliable performance at all times Flightsim.com

For those who are up to the challenge this is a title which will provide hours of rewarding experience Aircraft Illustrated

Every dial and rivet meticulously detailed and realistically modelled PC Format

Every time I use Concorde Professional I find something new that I didn"t notice before With excellent frame rates, splendid detail, and near perfect simulation of the Concorde itself this product is the one to get hands down FlightSim Network

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