Martin B-57A Canberra pack FS9/FS2004
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Martin B-57A Canberra pack FS9/FS2004

Martin B-57A Canberra pack FS9/FS2004

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Flying Stations is proud to present part seven of a new series of Canberra models for FS9/FS2004. This pack covers the license-built American bubble canopy versions, with B-57A, WB-57A, RB-57A and JB-57A models.Whilst FS9 native, they have been tested to a high degree of FSX compatibility, and all four models come with a wide range of features and mousable VC items, including:

Autopilot 2D panel: Toggle with Shift-6.
Improved red-tint night-lighting on all 2D panels.
Port side battery hatch and rear equipment bay hatch open: set to default wing fold command.
Animated variable incidence tailplane: set to elevator trim controls, and watch it move!
Rotating bomb bay door: set to default main exit command.
Parked configuration: engage parking brakes to see a range of features.
Jettisonable canopy: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Working ejector seat (pilot only): located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Jettisonable drop tanks and payloads: Control via Stores Release panel (Shift-7). Also located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled, click once to arm, then stores/drop tank release switches to drop.
Opening DV window: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Animated pilot head: turns with rudder.
Smoky cartridge starts: will fire on engine startup.
Crew hatch: Exit-2 command or use handle release above hatch in VC.

The Flying Stations Canberra series models all feature photo-real 2D panels and highly detailed virtual cockpits, gauges, and custom sound set, recorded from the ear-spliting roar of the real RR Avon engines of surviving B(I).8/B.6(mod) Canberra, WT333. With the co-operation of Clive Davies and the superb WT333 operating team, internal and external sounds were recorded during a "Thunder Run" at Bruntingthorpe, UK. A percentage of profits from payware downloads will go to the upkeep of WT333, so you can know that your hard-earned money will go further than just the computer screen!


Steve Beeny - Models, textures, FDE
The WT333 Operating Team- Sound recordings
Bill Mackay, John Sheehan, Henk Schuitemaker, Marcelo Siri, Tony Flahant - Beta Testing

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