FSX Missions World Series Magellan
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FSX Missions World Series Magellan

FSX Missions World Series Magellan

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The Magellan World Series is a set of 6 fictional races (12 missions ) for FSX with a fully innovative design. All races are multiplayer-capable, (16 racers + 83 observers )but can also be used by a single player. Races are arranged progressively by difficulty. They are held in places across the globe. A combination of gates, pylons, terrain features and known landmarks mark the course of each race. Wide gates have been designed to be negotiated easily, even if you don"t have any experience in races.

Although all races have been designed to use the default FSX scenery, especially those sites well rendered in FSX, they can also work on third-party sceneries, adding much thrill to the spectacle. Also, scenery has been optimised to benefit from Ultimate Terrain and FS Genesis.

Races have been designed for three aircraft , but a player can choose to change the default planes and use his or her favourite one for the race.

Thus, players will be able to fly each race over and over with different aircraft, enjoying the ultimate flight experience especially when competing against other players.

All races share the same format: a training heat and the official run. In the training race we will have a guide plane available. It will show us the course and we will be able to compete against it, too. Many different voices, effects and background used , will make you feel to be inside the race as never before.

In some races you shall be able to open full throttle, and in order to win you"ll have to finely trace the course. Others, however, won"t allow such speed--you"ll have to throttle back very carefully if you want to stay within limits.

Installation and requeriments :

Please use the supplied installers, English and Spanish Versions are included. WSM runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 in the 32 and 64 bit editions. If you had FSX installed in its default directory, you do not need to specify an installation directory, no matter which operating system you are using. The enclosed documents included detailed instructions to fly multiplayer missions. Also instructions to fly each race with optimal performance are included, even if you have a medium-range PC.

Acceleration Expansion Pack is required.

Repaints included in WSM

All repaints bundled in WSM are exact copies of actual planes that are currently racing at Reno, Oshkosh, Red Bull Air Race, and other events. You will be able to use them in free flight. Your simulator hangar will grow hugely with a large herd of fine steeds!

Mustang P-51 " Glamorous Gal"

Mustang P-51 "Old Crow"

Mustang P-51 "Miracle Maker"

Mustang P-51 " Paul Mantz"

Mustang P-51 " La Pistolera"

Mustang P-51 " Sizzin`Liz "

Extra 300 S " Mike Goullian"

Boeing F18 "Black Hornet"


In the official run, pilots finishing first, second or third will be rewarded. A total of 18.

New York Race rewards example


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