English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004
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English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004

English Electric Canberra Bomber Power FS9/FS2004

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Flying Stations is proud to present a new series of English Electric Canberra models for FS9/FS2004. This pack covers the second generation of bomber Canberras, featuring uprated engines and additional payload capabilities for enhanced combat performance. Four models are included: the B.6, B(I).6, B.15 and B.16, along with new weapons effects and droppable payloads.

Whilst FS9 native, they have been tested to a high degree of FSX compatibility, and all four models come with a wide range of features and mousable VC items, including:

Jettisonable drop tanks and payloads located inside virtual cockpit, toggle arming switch then press stores switch to release.
Matra rocket pods (B.16 only) set to smoke systems on switch.
Hispano 20mm cannon gun pack (B(I).6) only) set to strobe light on switch.
Port side battery hatch and rear equipment bay hatch open: set to default wing fold command.
Animated variable incidence tailplane: set to elevator trim controls, and watch it move!
Opening bomb bay doors: set to default main exit command.
Parked configuration: on full engine spool down and power off, engage parking brakes to see a range of features.
Jettisonable canopy: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Working ejector seat (pilot only): located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Opening DV window: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Folding rumble seat: located inside virtual cockpit, switch toggled.
Animated pilot head: turns with rudder.

The Flying Stations Canberra series models all feature photo-real 2D panels and highly detailed virtual cockpits, gauges, and custom sound set, recorded from the ear-spliting roar of the real RR Avon engines of surviving B(I).8/B.6(mod) Canberra, WT333. With the co-operation of Clive Davies and the superb WT333 operating team, internal and external sounds were recorded during a "Thunder Run" at Bruntingthorpe, UK. A percentage of profits from payware downloads will go to the upkeep of WT333, so you can know that your hard-earned money will go further than just the computer screen!


Steve Beeny - Models, textures, FDE
The WT333 Operating Team- Sound recordings
Bill Mackay, John Sheehan, Henk Schuitemaker, Marcelo Siri, Tony Flahant - Beta Testing

Images: Updated version


- Autopilot 2D panel (Shift-6).
- Stores Release panel (Shift-7). This allows easier release of stores and jettison of drop tanks.
- More accurate red-tint night lighting to all 2D panels
- Added FSX thumbnail for aircraft selection screen.

Bug fixes:

- Raised pilot and seat height on earlier packs to correct height.
- Fixed "parked config" bug so that parts are now controlled strictly through the Parking Brake key setting, and will not display incorrectly during multiplayer or FS recorder playbacks.
- Smoky cart start engine startups are now set to the startup effects line in the .cfg file to ensure that they fire correctly every time. This is not entirely accurate in real-world terms, but solves this commonly-reported problem

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