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Gloster Gladiator Skis Winter War FSX

Gloster Gladiator Skis Winter War FSX

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During the Winter War, the Finnish Air Force (FAF) obtained 30 Mk II fighters from the UK. Ten of the aircraft were donated while the other 20 were bought by the FAF; all were delivered between 18 January and 16 February 1940.[17] The Finnish Gladiators served until 1945. The Finnish Air Force obtained 45 aerial victories by 22 pilots with the aircraft type during the Winter War and one victory during the Continuation War. Twelve Gladiators were lost in combat during the Winter War and three during the Continuation War.[17] Two pilots became aces with this aircraft: Oiva Tuominen (6.5 victories with Gladiators) and Paavo Berg (five victories).

Besides the FAF Gladiators, the Swedish Voluntary Air Force, responsible for the air defence of northern Finland during the later part of the war, was also equipped with Gladiator fighters, designated as J8s (Mk Is) and J8As (Mk IIs) by the Swedes. The Flying Regiment F 19 arrived in Finnish Lapland on 10 January 1940, and remained there until the end of the hostilities. It fielded 12 Gladiator Mk II fighters

FSX / FSX-SP1-SP2/ FSX-Acceleration

Product Features:
• New highly detailed model
• Stunning dynamic virtual cockpit, complete with standard FsX features
• New fully animated vintage Pilot
• (dinamic shine)
• Mini panel and virtual cockpiT with pop-ups for GPS
• Customized engine sounds
• 10 skins
• three dynamic winter war sceneries with battle sound and esplosion effects
• 4 flights
• Virtual cockpit fully clickable
• All appropriate FsX features and animations included
• Documents with Installation tutorial
• New Gun effect with sound

System Requirements:

FS VERSION - FSX-sp1-sp2- Acceleration

INSTALLATION - Activation Code + Setup & follow instructions


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