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Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil Expansion Pack for FSX This Expansion Pack adds the following variants for the original Nemeth Designs AS350 for FSX package: - B3 sprayer with working sprayer system. - B3 float with working emergency float system and large door windows. - B3 observer with large door windows and low skids. - B3 hoist with bottom mounted hoist system. - B3 hoist with bottom mounted hoist system and skid baskets. - B3 with all passenger doors removed. To enable the emergency floats use the "JETT" switch on the collective lev
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 € 7.60 
Eurocopter AS-355 Ecureuil II FSX Coupled with its fuel endurance of up to 3.5 hours, it is especially suited to Search & Rescue flights over the ocean. With excellent handling, robustness and ease of maintenance, the AS355 incorporates twin-engine added reliability and performance, making it ideal for police and parapublic missions, as well as demanding operations over water, rugged terrain and urban areas. Renowned for its low operation and maintenance costs, this helicopter benefits from the reliability and safety of its two
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 € 28.40 
Boeing CH-47 Chinook for FSX The CH-47D is a multi-mission tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter for the U.S. Army and international defense forces. It is the most proficient and recognized transport helicopter in the world with application for the U.S. Army and numerous international customers. It's is a true multi-role, vertical-lift platform used on six continents in all climates and conditions. Chinooks can fly more than 150 mph at full load more than 330 nautical miles with long-range fuel tanks. With a crew of three, th
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 € 28.00 
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil FSX The AS350 appeared first under the Aerospatiale brand label but later in 1992 Aerospatiale and Daimler Benz Aerospace merged their helicopter divisions forming Eurocopter, since then it is recognized under the brand name Eurocopter. All seats in the passenger cabin face forward for optimum view of vision. The single engine AS350 Ecureuil is renowned for its high performance, its safety and its reduced operating costs and it also boasts a low vibration level. It is Europe’s most successful heli
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 € 27.75 
AgustaWestland AW109 FSX The AW-109 helicopter charter, produced by Italian-based AgustaWestland, was originally designed to fly rescue missions and act as an emergency ambulance in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. The first Agusta A109, the A109A made his maiden flight on 4 August 1971 and the first production deliveries took place in late 1976. Later developments brought the A109 improvements such as a greater transmission rating, redesigned tailboom and a new tail rotor driveshaft, improved rotor blade life an
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 € 27.10 
Eurocopter EC-135 FSX Eurocopter EC 135 is a very powerful lightweight twin-engine multipurpose helicopter and is operational worldwide. Over 600 have been delivered since the helicopter entered service in 1996 and the helicopter is flown by over 100 customers in 27 countries. The helicopter incorporates Eurocopter's low-noise patented Fenestron tail rotor. The array of ten blades in the Fenestron are arranged asymmetrically and are spaced at different intervals which substantially reduces the helicopter noise.
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 € 24.99 
Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BO-105 FSX The Bo 105 is a light utility helicopter system recognized around the globe for its versatility, performance and safety record. It serves in a military and civilian capacity in nations throughout the world, providing the ability to operate in many guises. The protorype flew in 1967, achieving full operational status by 1970. The cabin allows for a crew of two, plus three passengers and two medical litters in the medevac role. A series of two Allison-brand engines have powered most of the s
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 € 21.70 
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