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X-15A-2 Add-on Package FSX/FS2004
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X-15A-2 Add-on Package FSX/FS2004

Manufactured by Xtreme Prototypes

This package contains 3 versions of the X-15A-2 with external propellant tanks and the mighty XLR-99 rocket engine. For Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004 VERSION 1.0 2D PANELS ONLY

The X-15A-2 (serial number AF56-6671), was a modified version of the X-15 rocket plane, specifically designed to allow longer engine burn times and to attain hypersonic velocities in the range of 8000 feet per second at an altitude of 100,000 feet. The main modifications were the addition of a 29-inch fuselage section to the center of gravity compartment and two large aluminum external propellant tanks which can be jettisoned and reused. The added propellant permits alonger engine run which results in added velocity.

After the X-15-2 aircraft was damaged in 1962, it was rebuilt as the "advanced" X-15A-2 and was delivered to Edwards Air Force Base in February 1964. In October 1967, Air Force Pilot Pete Knight took the X-15A-2 to Mach 6.7 (4520 mph), the fastest manned aircraft flight recorded to date (if we exclude the Space Shuttle). The X-15A-2 completed 22 flights between June 1964 and October 1967.

X-15A-2 for Flight Simulator Key Features

Custom X-15 flight model to simulate rocket-powered high-speed and high-altitude flight in FS2004 and FSX:
Supersonic flight up to Mach 4.65 in FS2004 and FSX
High-altitude flight up to 354,200 feet in FSX (100,000 feet in FS2004)
Can be launched either from a high altitude like the real X-15 or take off from an airport runway like other Flight Simulator aircraft
Good maneuvrability at supersonic speeds and excellent gliding capabilities
Highly detailed 3D models with more than 300 parts, 60 animations, reflective textures and unique markings, based on archive material
Fully functional instrument panels with 180 custom gauges and systems to simulate almost every step and procedure required in a typical X-15A-2 mission
Spectacular visual effects including rocket engine flames, APU exhaust and propellant jettison effects
Uses a custom fuel management system with three different types of propellants (ammonia, liquid oxygen and hydrogen peroxide) and pressurized helium, like in the real-world X-15A-2 rocket plane
Custom external tanks propellant transfer system
Includes a comprehensive 100-page user manual inspired from the original X-15 and X-15A-2 utility flight manuals, in a printable PDF format (English and French language versions are included with the software)

X-15A-2 Add-on Aircraft Description

The additional fuselage section provides an optical window and additional space for experimental and instrumentation equipment (in the "rollout" and "dirty" versions). Other changes common to all aircraft include a removable right wing tip, an extended landing gear, a revised canopy with new elliptical windows, a sky hatch on top of the instrument compartment, extended side fairings to carry more hydrogen peroxide stored in spherical supply tanks and a helium spherical tank behind the dorsal stabilizer.

Like the real aircraft, the white version of the X-15A-2 for Flight Simulator is covered with a special pink ablator sealed with a white wear layer to protect the airplane from the tremendous amount of heat generated during high-speed flight. This variation also features a jettisonable dummy ramjet under the lower modified ventral and an animated eyelid over the left canopy window.

X-15A-2 Advanced Instrument Panels (for the XLR-99 rocket engine)

What makes the X-15 for Flight Simulator series exciting and unique are the advanced fully functional instrument panels with custom gauges and systems to simulate almost every step and procedure required in a typical X-15 or X-15A-2 mission:

Aircraft servicing (all three propellants and gases);
APUs/generators/hydraulic pump operation;
Propellant tank pressurization;
Engine precool and prime;
Turbopump operation;
Rocket ignition sequence;
Monitoring of propellant pressure gauges;
External propellant tanks release (X-15A-2);
Propellant jettison.

Almost every X-15 internal system has been integrated into the X-15 for Flight Simulator panels:

Engine ignition system;
APUs and electrical power distribution systems;
Hydraulic systems;
Temperature control systems.

The X-15A-2 for Flight Simulator comes with one (light blue-gray) main instrument panel and eight secondary panels. Included with each X-15A-2 add-on aircraft is:

A main panel;
A service panel;
A "vent, pressurize, jettison" lever panel;
A throttle and speed brake lever panel;
A left side panel;
A right side panel;
A radio panel;
A center pedestal panel;
An external drop tanks control panel.

In addition, the default Flight Simulator Garmin GPS and magnetic compass panels are available from the main panel.



Flight Simulator: Microsoft® FS2004, FSX (optimized for FS2004, FSX compatible)
Windows®: 2000/XP/Vista (128 MB RAM)
Processor: 450 MHz
Hard Drive: 1.8 GB
Available Disk Space: 200 MB (space required to install the add-on software and documentation)
Video Card: 32 MB, DirectX® 9.0
Other: Sound card and speakers, joystick, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 5.0 or later


3 versions of the X-15A-2 aircraft (s/n AF56-6671) with the XLR-99 rocket engine and "jettisonable" external propellant tanks:

"Rollout" version (black) with silver external propellant tanks and the X-15A-2 light blue-gray instrument panel;
"Dirty" version (black) with red and white external propellant tanks and the X-15A-2 light blue-gray instrument panel;
"White" version with full ablative coating, a modified lower vertical stabilizer, a dummy ramjet, an animated eyelid on the left canopy window and the X-15A-2 light blue-gray instrument panel.


Custom X-15 flight model to simulate rocket-powered high-speed and high-altitude flight in FS2004 and FSX
One Reaction Motors XLR-99, "throttable" 60,000-pound liquid-fuel turbo-rocket engine
Supersonic flight up to Mach 4.65 in FS2004 and FSX
High-altitude flight up to 354,200 feet in FSX (100,000 feet in FS2004)
Ground takeoff or high-altitude launch
Good maneuvrability at supersonic speeds
Excellent gliding capabilities


Highly detailed models based on archive material, with more than 300 parts and 60 animations
Reflective textures
Unique markings and liveries (on each aircraft)
Dynamic frost texture on fuselage (around the liquid oxygen tank when filled)
Movable aerodynamic control surfaces:
Differential horizontal stabilizer
Vertical stabilizers with movable and fixed sections and a jettisonable ventral rudder

Extendable upper and lower split-flap speed brakes
Landing skids and front gear ("steerable")
Movable canopy
Cockpit details with astronaut/pilot and animated sticks and levers
"Jettisonable" external propellant tanks (optional)
Jettisonable dummy ramjet (on the white aircraft)
Animated eyelid on the left canopy window of the white aircraft


Over 10 X-15-specific animated visual effects
Engine flame and contrail effects
Engine first and/or second stage igniter effects
Propellant jettison effects
APU and turbopump exhaust effects
Engine precool and prime effects
Condensation effect near the cold propellant tanks when filled


Fictional X-15A-2 service panel system for external power and aircraft refueling (ammonia, liquid oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, helium, liquid nitrogen)
Custom X-15 fuel management system for the three different types of propellants and gases, like in the real-world X-15 rocket plane
Engine propellant pressurization and control system
External tanks propellant transfer system
Engine turbopump system
Engine ignition control system
Electrical distribution and control system with APUs, generators, emergency battery and an external power source
Hydraulic systems
Temperature control systems


Advanced X-15A-2 light blue-gray (2D) main instrument panel (XLR-99 engine)
Service panel
Left white console panel with "vent, pressurize, jettison" lever and flaps switch
Throttle and speed brake panel
Left side panel
Right side panel
Radio panel
Center pedestal
External drop tanks control panel
180 fully functional custom integrated systems and gauges with "tooltips"
X-15A-2 aircraft kneeboard reference tab and check list
100-page English and French language utility flight manuals with step-by-step procedures (PDF formal, requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader)

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