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ScreenShot ToolBox for FS2004/FSX
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ScreenShot ToolBox for FS2004/FSX
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ScreenShot ToolBox for FS2004/FSX

Manufactured by TweakFS

A screenshot tool with a difference.


Easily view, create and share your screenshots:

The TweakFS ScreenShot ToolBox is a utility that will bring out the artist in you! Some screenshot artists are becoming very skilled, applying similar techniques used by real-world photographers in their use of angles, lighting and shot composition.

Screenshots are a great way to immortalize your FS flight adventures, moments that can be shared with your FS buddies and uploaded to forums for all the world to enjoy. With the TweakFS ScreenShot ToolBox you can easily create, display, edit, upload, download and email FS screenshots.

The major feature is the Apple "Coverflow" style 3D image display system which uses cutting-edge DirectX technology. Check it out, your screenshot masterpieces will have never looked better!

The built-in ScreenShot Creator supports automatically adding logos, banners and anti-aliased text when the snapshot is taken which saves a lot of post-editing time, or they can be added later. The logo and banner adding feature supports the use of images with transparent backgrounds and objects with shadows, such as PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) files. The banner/logo and text feature all support alpha-blending or transparency.

The logo and banner adding feature supports the use of images with transparent backgrounds and objects with shadows, such as PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) files. The banner/logo and text feature all support alpha-blending or transparency.

ScreenShot ToolBox - Features in Brief:

• Display Screenshots in 3D Viewer (Apple iTunes Coverflow style)
• Configurable 3D Viewer (background color, various 3D Animation styles)
• ScreenShot Creator Supports adding banners/logos (Adobe PSD or transparent PNG)
• ScreenShot Creator Supports transparent and anti-aliased text
• Real-time capture preview window
• Email images to your buddies from within the utility
• Built-in FTP tool for image upload (supports multiple FTP profiles)
• Tool to generate image tags for use in HTML or forum posts
• Tool for previewing and downloading screenshots from web
• Tool for downloading screenshots from web pages and forums

ScreenShot ToolBox - Images:

ScreenShot Viewer - Displays Your Creations in 3D:

The ScreenShot Viewer will load and display your selected screenshots into a 3D display system, similar to Apple iTunes "Coverflow" view. This provides an attractive way to showcase your screenshots and has numerous options on the Settings page to alter the look and feel of the display (e.g. change background color, 8 different animations, etc).

ScreenShot Folder - View and Manage your ScreenShots:

The ScreenShot Folder is a fully integrated Windows File Manager with full OLE drag and drop capabilities. Each file listed has a checkbox which is used to select the images you wish to display, email or upload. Images can be selected across several folders, the utility will keep track of your list and display the number selected. You can view your screenshots as thumbnails in various sizes or as standard Explorer icons. Other standard file operations such as copy, move and delete can also be carried out here.

ScreenShot Creator - Take Customized Snap Shots of FSX/FS9:

The ScreenShot Creator page brings out the screenshot artist in you. You can create or load an existing screenshot, then add a personalized effect such as a banner, logo or standard text. Banner and logo files with transparent backgrounds and objects with shadows such as PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) are also supported.

Email ScreenShots - Share Your Shots with FS Buddies:

The Email Images tab lets you send your creations to your friends right from within the utility. Just select the images on the ScreenShot Folder tab and they will be automatically added to the list of images to email, ready to be sent to single or multiple recipients.

Upload Images - FTP your Images to a Server:

The Upload Images tab is a built-in FTP tool which will upload your files to a web server. Selected images on the ScreenShot Folder tab will be automatically added to the list of images to upload. After uploading, the built-in Image Tag dialog will help you generate the image tags for use in HTML or for posting to a forum.

Download Images - Collect ScreenShots from Web Pages:

The Download Images tab takes any URL address you enter (e.g. web page or forum post) and parses the HTML code to extract any screenshots that are displayed, or linked to on the page. The image links are displayed in a list and you can then select which file you wish to download. You can also display a preview of the image before you download it. Images you select for downloading are copied to the current folder on the ScreenShot Folder tab.

TweakFS News Reader:

The News Reader hooks directly into the TweakFS website and loads the latest news and file downloads. Grabbing updates and newly released freeware tools has never been easier or more convenient.

Attractive MS Office Style Interface:

Utilities by nature can be rather unattractive to look at. We hope you notice that as with all TweakFS products we have also put much thought and effort into making them pleasing to the eye.

Minimum System Requirements:

Other than the obvious of a PC capable of running FSX/FS9, there are some specific required system specifications.

• 128 MB Video Card (256 MB+ is preferable)
• DirectX 9 must be installed (with Direct3D enabled - normally default on Win XP/Vista)
• A properly installed version of FSX or FS9 (no missing registry entries) #
• FSX Users - FSX SP1 or higher must be installed!
• Microsoft Windows XP or Vista *
• 50MB hard disk space

# If your FSX/FSX registry has been corrupted/deleted, or if you have manually copied the FSX/FS9 installation to another drive and thus invalidated the registry install path, you can use the free FSX or FS9 Registry Tool to repair the entry

* Older operating systems like Windows 98/Me are not recommended or supported.

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