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TweakFS Explorer FS2004
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TweakFS Explorer FS2004
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TweakFS Explorer FS2004

Manufactured by TweakFS

A file manager like no other, built for FS2004 users and developers.

The TweakFS Explorer is a utility which will be very useful for those of us who like fiddling with FS2004. If you are reading this it is very likely you are either a developer or one of those special breed of simulator pilots who just love to tweak flight simulator (and we know that you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here would you?). In fact you may at times even find more enjoyment out of getting "under the hood" and tweaking and creating than you do flying.

You may want to think of this utility as a Windows Explorer with a difference, designed and purpose-built from the ground up with FS2004 in mind. It adds many integrated tools in the one location, making it a hub from which FS developers, advanced users and webmasters alike will find it easy to work from and with.

For those of us who do spend a lot of time down in the bowels of our FS installation endlessly manipulating files, more often than not we find our activities revolving around the Windows Explorer or some other file manager. However none of these are really designed with FS2004 in mind as they are generic in nature, designed for any purpose.

TweakFS Explorer Screenshots

The TweakFS Explorer is a tool we personally have always wanted but could never find, so we decided to roll our sleeves up and make it ourselves.


Here is a partial list of the main features:

    • Windows Explorer-style familiar look and feel
    • Button/Menu links to any other installed TweakFS utilities
    • Button/Menu link to automatically launch FS2004
    • Direct Button/Menu links to FS9 cfg files (e.g. fs9.cfg)
    • Links to Windows applets (eg. Add/Remove Programs)
    • Unlimited number of user-assigned folder shortcuts
    • Unlimited number of user-created file filters
    • Unlimited number of custom shortcuts to other tools
    • Integrated Image Viewer
    • Integrated Email program (supports attachments)
    • Integrated Web Browser
    • Integrated Recycle Bin tool
    • Integrated File Shredder
    • Integrated FS9 path registry tool
    • Integrated IP resolution tool
    • Integrated TraceRoute tool (check network problems)
    • Integrated ZIP creation and extraction tool
    • Integrated FTP upload and download tool

    More features will be continually added and refined in response to feedback and requests.

    Minimum System Requirements:

      • Pentium or AMD Processor (1Ghz+ recommended)
      • 64 MB RAM
      • 32 MB video card (1024x768 min resolution recommended)
      • Windows Fonts set to 96 DPI (Normal)
      • A properly installed copy of FS2004
      • Microsoft Windows ME/XP/2000 (Win98 not supported)
      • 20MB free hard disk space
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