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TweakLoad for FS2004
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TweakLoad for FS2004

Manufactured by TweakFS

Adjust your aircraft passenger and loading details.

Quickly Adjust the Loading for any FS2004 aircraft:

Many top-quality payware aircraft packages come with a custom-built aircraft loading editor, something which many of us would like to use with any FS2004 aircraft. TweakLoad fills this need by giving you the ability to edit any FS2004-standard aircraft outside of FS2004 (FS2002 models running under FS2004 may also be edited depending on how closely they stick to the FS2004 SDK).

With TweakLoad editing the loading of an aircraft becomes a quick and easy procedure, something that developers and habitual tweakers will find handy. For example, you will be surprised at how many singe-engine GA aircraft cannot take off with full tanks when all the seats are filled.

TweakLoad Screenshots:

Using TweakLoad:

    • Quickly and easily change the loading of any aircraft independently of FS2004
    • Change the load of any station, see how it affects the aircraft performance
    • See a graphical % display of the loading/fuel relative to the max weight/fuel
    • Launch FS2004 at the click of a button with the newly loaded aircraft
    • Ideal for testing flight models with differing payloads/fuel weights

    Top up the fuel before going for a fly:

    TweakLoad utilizes a nominated test flight for trying out the modified loading details which can be changed via the settings page. You can also top up the fuel on this flight by typing in the amount or using the fuel slider on the Loading page.

    When adding fuel TweakLoad will also detect if the aircraft uses Avgas or JetA which have a different weight (Avgas = 6 LBS/Gallon; JetA = 6.7 LBS/Gallon) and the calculation will compensate accordingly.

    Aircraft.Cfg Viewer/Manual Editor:

    Many FS2004 pilots are also avid tweakers and like the power of editing the Aircraft.Cfg file directly. TweakLoad provides a simple integrated text editor that you can use to make any other changes you desire.

    Attractive Integrated FS2004 Look:

    Generally speaking utilities have a knack for being rather plain-looking. As with all the TweakFS series we have put much thought and effort into making TweakLoad pleasing to the eye. We recommend running TweakLoad under Windows XP for the best visual experience.

    Minimum System Requirements:

      • Pentium or AMD Processor (1Ghz+ recommended)
      • 64 MB RAM
      • 32 MB video card (1024x768 min resolution recommended)
      • Windows Fonts set to 96 DPI (Normal)
      • A properly installed copy of FS2004
      • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/2000
      • 20MB free hard disk space

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