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World & Sky 2 FS2004
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World & Sky 2 FS2004
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World & Sky 2 FS2004

Manufactured by AFS-Design

AFS-design brings a excellent scenery package of World & Sky 2 for FS2004.

New land classes:
- Cities - Fields - Forest - rice fields in Asia
- Savannah - Desert - Hills - Mountains - Rocks - Rain forest areas
- For all seasons and all regions of the earth
- Photo-realistic representation

Weatherthemes, photo-realistic clouds- and skystructures:
- Cumulus-, stratus- and cirrusclouds
- Treatment and exchange of exactly 73 autogenous sky textures
- Sunrise- and sunset effects
- Sun effects for different seasons
- Simulation of a ideal weathercyclon
- 3 AFS-weatherthemes for summer- and wintertime

New object classes:
- 208 new agn Annotator structural models
- Extremely high detail of objects autogenous
- Autogenous mountains and hills structured
- Highways and road textures with visible vehicles
- Houses, skyscrapers, factories and trees

New water effects:
- Effects of water levels in the sunshine, cloudy, dusk and night
- Realistic rivers, coasts and oceans

New autogenous Airport textures:
- Runway and taxiway with new details
- Check-in areas and Hangers
- Autogenous Grass textures

- AIRBUS A380F with different repaints

The AFS - World & Hills package contains a comprehensive package at new structural models , that the Flight Simulator comprehensively improve. By using the program Microsoft SDK Annotator, it is possible the autogenous terrain texture classes on which to modify the autogenous objects such as houses, trees, plants, etc., produced. This has generated an unprecedented density of objects. Those are exchanged standard autogene textures with new revised textures and adapted to the respective world area. The term " Texture" Mapping designates a procedure of the computer-generated graphic or 3D model. It serves for it to equip the surfaces of three-dimensional surface models with two-dimensional pictures - so-called „textures “- and surface properties. Textures let computer-generated pictures appear more highly detailed and more realistic, without the underlying model must be refined.

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